Demise's MvC2 Video


These are random clips that piled up over the past year. There’s nothing new in the video, just stuff that is hard to do manually. So, it’s just showing off pretty much



MMDS didn’t get a shout out because he was very negative


Dont forget California people to change your SRK clock to mountain time for the hour change. :^)


Good stuff Demise. Pretty impressive, considering it was all done by hand.


good shit you slut very sexy combos…


for the most part, i like it, but i dont like those unfished combos, and lame resets. the unfly/fast fly combos were hot.


human hands can do that :looney: :rock: :clap: :tup: :pray: :smokin: :cool: :china: :amazed: :wow:

I love marvel because of these vids


good shit

was really fun to watch


sick video, i love the storm combo!


Damn, he got 45 hits with Sentinel just mashing kicks (as Viscant would say)? Nice!

I like the Magneto combo at 0:18. Almost meets the VidOp Challenge from three years ago.


Those double fly combos are ridiculous, good shit.


Solid video.


Fucking monster




I’ve actually seen someone do that Pyslocke combo in a real match (at least a vartion of it), kinda crazy shit.

Also, clue in the MvC2 ignorant here, but what exactly was going on with that Mag stuff around 2:22?


confusion resets - i.e., looks like he is going to land on the other side, but airdashes back to the original side


nice combos, what is the song called?


oh you marvel players

such crafty folk


gargoyle by saxxonpike


make a mag video :lovin:


Very nice work. I especially loved the IM fast-fly combo into midscreen Proton Canon.:tup: