Demitri Av. Request

Hello all. Could someone make me a Demitri avatar? I would like it to be over the top cool (you can define whats over the top). Just make sure it has all the requirements that an avatar should have. Thanks in advance.

this is what i call over the top:evil:

Here’s my try. Hope you like it:D, tell me if you want anything changed

nice try seth:cool:


A cropped pic of Demitri with camouflaged text placed on? That might as well be called ripping…

this is over the top made by Dark Giygas :smiley:

HuMaNoIdTyHpOoN, great job. Everyone elses is pretty cool too, though I like HuMaNoIdTyHpOoN’s the best. Thanks everyone.

Hooray for me! :frowning: