Demo for Marvel vs Capcom 2 is out!

198MB download.

I searched by title and went to M, it’s near the Marvel Alliance game.
If it doesn’t appear at first, exit the PSN and reopen.

Easier Method:
From the Playstation Store Go to Demos
Select Newest Demos
It’ll be the first one.
Keep on pressing X until the download window arrives.
Wait for it to finish or place in background and install when done.

Old Method:
In XMB, head to the Playstation Network section.
Scroll down the the Playstation Store.
Click View All By Title
Browse the Letter "M"
Second row, second from last.
Keep on clicking X until the download window comes up.
Wait for it and enjoy.

About the Demo:
Main Menu only has two options enabled:

Multiplayer and Help & Options

Multiplayer brings up 3 options:
>Local Match Play an offline 2-player match
>Scoreboard Match Play a Scoreboard Match on PlayStationNetwork
>Friendly Match Play a Friendly Match on PlayStationNetwork
Only option that works is Local Match.

Choosing Local Match will send you to the "Game Room"
In the game room, you can choose who is first and second player corresponding to the lights on the PS3 controller.
Second player must press (X) to Join.
You can swap positions as 1P and 2P by pressing Left or Right ( [=> or <=] )
Pressing (O) will send you back to the Multiplayer Screen.

Pressing [X] after the second player is in the game will send you the "SELECT YOUR HEROES!"
screen we’re all familar with.
The normal handicap screen comes up and you can select between 6 stages.

The 6 playable characters are centered in the middle.
Chun-Li|Iron Man

Pressing Start [> brings up the Pause Menu
From there you can select
>Resume Game Return to the game
>Character Move List View our character or your opponent’s moves
>Help & Options Change Game Settings, Controls, and more
>Exit Game Quit game and go back to the Main Menu
Press (X) to Select
Press (O) to Back to Gameplay

Selecting Character Move List will send you to Character Moves
In the ** Character Moves**, you can press Left or Right ( [=> or <=] )
to view your or your opponents moves.
Pressing (O) will send you back to the Pause Menu

Selecting Help & Options will give you a menu with 4 options:
>About the Game Tips About the Game
>Controls Change your button configuration
>Settings Change various settings for the game
>Credits View staff credits

About the game has a lot of information that will help newbies, but will be review for Old school players.
You can flip the pages by pressing [L1] and [R1]
There are 9 pages in total with information.
Pressing (O) will send you back to the Help & Options Menu.

Controls can be easily stated as awkward.
You scroll up and down with D-Pad or Analog.
When you hover over an option, if you press a button it will be mapped to that attack.
A maximum of two buttons can be used per each attack.
That includes the unassigned group.
Scrolling down to the Accept tab saves the configuration.
Selecting the Cancel Tab sends you back to the Help & Options Menu.
It will warn you if you want to quit without saving your control changes.
The Default will change your controls back to the default, which happen to be:

Light Punch Square
Heavy Punch Triangle
Assist 1 L1
Light Kick X
Heavy Kick O
Assist 2 R1
Unassigned L2, R2

Settings Menu has two options:
>Video Settings Adjust screen position
>Audio Settings Adjust audio settings

In Video Settings you can change:
>Character Graphics Mode Set the Character Upres Filter
You can switch it between Classic, Smooth, and Crisp.
>Widescreen Gameplay Set gameplay to 16:9 widescreen or original 4:3
You can toggle between 4:3, 16:9, or Auto.
>Display Adjustment Adjust screen position
I’m not even going to trouble with this one because I don’t think anyone uses this one anymore.

In Audio Settings you can change the loudness of the:
>Music Volume of in-game music
>SFX Volume of in-game sound effects and voices
Pressing (X) Accepts changes.
Pressing Square Resets to Default/Max.
Pressing (O) will cancel and send you back to the Settings Menu

Credits is set up exactly like About the Game,
Flip through the pages with L1 and R1
Go back to Help & Options by pressing (O)

In the Main Menu there is a special option in Help & Options
From Help & Options go to Settings
In this Settings Menu there is the unique addition of
>Game Settings Edit the game settings for Single Player and Local Match

Inside ** Game Settings** you can change:
>Timer Adjust game time (Single Player & Local Match)
Default is 99, however there’s also 30, 60, and Infinite.
>Damage Level Adjust the damage level of your character’s attacks (Single Player & Local Match)
Default is 2, but you can change it to 1, 2, 3, or 4.
>Game Speed Adjust the game speed (Single Player & Local Match)
Default it Turbo, there’s a Turbo 2 option and Free Select where first ready gets to pick the speed.

Thanks man!

Thank you!

someone rep this man :pray:

Demo is kind of disappointing.
Local Multiplayer only.

You have to have two or more controllers to actually play.
The start menu is amazingly nice, though.

downloading now.

“Kind of” disappointing? lol it was a total let down. Not like I have friends over anytime. Didn’t the STHDR Beta for 360 last year have online? Why couldn’t our demo be the same? No, they had to shit on it. Seriously wtf Capcom

good stuff, downloading

wow di I really jsut waste time downloading this when I could of been downloading the Steel and Titanium map pack for killzone two ARGGGGGGGGGGGg

Man, they could have at least gave us online to mess around with even with only 6 characters and nothing else. I can’t even make the PC a punching bag, this demo was a letdown.

The HDR demo didn’t have online. What your talking about is what this demo is NOT-- a Beta.

They aren’t Beta testing this game, they’re nearly done with it. PS3 owners at least get SOME kind of preview early to test out the game. Quit whining.

Why would anyone want to “test” this game offline when theres numerous other ways to play idk um the full godamn game thats been out for over 10 fucking years\

Capcom never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity

they know the one selling point as to why anyone would buy this game in the first place versus playing it the same way they have been playing it is the online and they cant even let us test that? nooooo shame on us for thinking that :tup: we’ll just wait till ground zero on day of release for them to release this game to have a bunch of bs that will make people just go right back to whatever version they were playing beforehand…:lame:

Except Capcom themselves compared the MvC2 demo to the STHDR Beta, saying that this time around we didn’t have to purchase another game to get into the early preview of the game and everything. STHDR Beta didn’t do shit anyways, look at how many glitches the game had at launch lol It was just an early entry, like this one, except it actually gave people a glimpse of what really mattered: the online.

Online was expected for this too, and there was nothing wrong with such expectation.

CAPCOM screw up once again. When will they have someone to speak up and say, “Hey, don’t forget an online feature for our demanding game.”

This is like an “F U” in the face.

Wish it had a vs CPU mode. I’m tired of beating up a non-moving 2P.

*You minus well go find an arcade and waste 1 dollar and hopefully find someone to battle. *


I thought it was pretty clear that it will not have online play in the demo, guess people just looked over that fact and got too excited.

I’ve updated the first post with basically everything the demo has to offer.
Still ashamed that there’s no online/arcade mode.

Gamespot reported that were was online in the Demo, however the PlayStation Blog said there wasn’t going to be any.
In the case of Gamespot vs. PSB, I went with the PSB.
I’m still irked by the fact that they could have added it, or at least a 1P mode.

Gamespot was stupid.

Capcom never announced an online demo.

Most of you are whiny crybabies. It’s a free demo for crying out loud.

About the control configuration, that’s the best method by far. You just press the buttons you want in sequence and you’re done in like 5 seconds. SFIV’s configuration is obsolete and I have no idea why they didn’t bother to change it.

This is not only my opinion, but I’ve read it from Evo organizers (not sure if Sirlin or Jchensor). Control config schemes like SFIV are a big waste of tournament time. Control configs like HDR and now MvC2 are great.