Democratic Party Presidential Candidates, 2016 Part 2


Since SRK won’t let me edit the polls to delete candidates that dropped out. Here’s an up to date poll. Who does SRK want?!?


A better poll who be between aids and cancer.


Still Sanders


Ok maybe 75% idiot then.

You’re improving.


Sanders in the lead on SRK still!!!


83% of the vote in this poll…


Vote, vote, vote!!!








Good shit Wisconsin


Bernie fought tax havens while Hillary lobbied for them. Surprise, surprise…

Hmm I wonder why should would support a deal if she “didn’t know all the facts”:

Bernie is on a roll after winning 7 out of 8 primaries/caucuses.


I never understood the argument that Hillary is the “most qualified” candidate. It doesn’t matter how many jobs you’ve had if a lot of people think you failed miserably at them.


If your definition of qualified is being a corporate stooge than absolutely, yes Hillary is qualified.