Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2016


Who does SRK want


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I vote Donald Trump, where is that option?

@“The Damned” can you close this, we don’t need individual threads for every fucking political party, do we? Or can I open a Liberal thread, a Tory thread, a Green Party thread, a BQ thread, an NDP thread, during the next Canadian election?

I’m sure we still have time for an american Communist party, and third party thread, right?


But nobody cares about Canada.


Remember that time some asshole made a Neesa thread and kept feeding it for 20 years? Fuck outta here.


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Well, here in the US we have the 2 major parties. Would be interesting to see who SRK votes for to be each party’s nominee. I think SRK will vote for Trump and Sanders


Bernie Sanders in the lead!


I like the idea of having threads wherein people who affiliate with either party can post without having to bicker with people from the opposing party.


This isn’t USA. This is a multi cultural forum, and we don’t need multiple threads for one fucking election.


I’m pretty sure more people across the world could tell you the President of the United States than the Canadian Prime Minister.


But do they need to know every party, each in individual threads? No. Or do we need a communism thread, a liberal thread, a third party thread, and more?


This is an awful way of thinking and further proof of the decline of respectable political discourse in our country. Sure, everyone loves an echo chamber to talk in and have their ideas positively reinforced, but it creates a culture of intransigence. This way of thinking is what has shaped our political landscape to what it is.


I’m finding a LOT of hints that Clinton is gonna go back to her ways of dealing with someone ahead of her in the polls. You guys remember her 2008 run where she practically racebaited people against Obama using anti-Muslim bullshit? It’s back against Sanders in the form of sexism. Progressives losing their goddamn minds out there calling Sanders a rude sexist asshole because all Clinton is saying now is, “Wouldn’t it be nice to elect the first female president of the United States?!” Yes, it would be nice. You, however, wouldn’t be the candidate I’d want in the office since the Clintons were pretty awful centrists when they did occupy the Oval Office.


I talk about politics with left leaning folks all the time. Just…not on the Internet.


Think out of everybody potentially running, Sanders is the man the US needs right now… but Jeff Boss omg he would be the best president ever. No chance though. Also Sanders is old AF, aint that a big no no these days?


He is half of what America needs.


Big Nut Leroy isn’t in the choices, so I’m withdrawing support from this thread.


we need a hugo chavez, yeah i said it.


Aint no Democratic candidate going to be elected to POTUS now…


Lol Wut?