Democrats Republicans come to a deal on tax cuts and unemployment

Obama has caved on tax cuts, and will renew the Bush tax cuts not only for those making over 250k but those making over 1mill. The reason given is that the Republicans would have held up DADT, START, unemployment, and refused to renew the cuts for the middle class and poor.

This is stupid policy from several angles. Politically the Republicans were going to block him on START and DADT. Furthermore those issues are losers, or not cared about, by anybody that’s not already part of the progressive base. There is no reason to value those or think you will get any wiggle room at the cost of the economy. He can also just let all the tax cuts end and then propose one for the middle class and force the Republicans to block a tax cut.

Next, the tax cuts are an economic disaster. The entire Bush tax cuts to all income levels amount to a lot, the share on the rich (only the over 1 mil crowd) cited by the CBO, is 700 billion, so we are losing 700 billion to pay the rich, which is shown to generate cents on the dollar, in exchange for 55 billion to give out in UE benefits, which is shown to return 2 dollars for every dollar. :looney: Furthermore he’s frozen COLA (cost of living allowance) to federal workers to help reduce the deficit.

So if you work for the government, or make under 250k, you just got fucked to give 700 billion in tax cuts to people that make over 1 mil a year, and also to help get votes, that will never happen, on DADT and START (thanks democratic base for pushing those).

He’s already been attacked by the left for the economic impact, but what’s funny is this is so out there retarded conservative democratcs and republicans are calling him out on this, in favor of letting the tax cuts on the rich expire, we are through the looking glass.

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It’s a good thing it’s only for two years, well, good if you want to get him out of office. Stupid if he wants to keep it because now taxes will be an issue in 2012.

Politics is fun.

Obama’s looking very weak right now

weak or insane, the math doesn’t add up on any of this, and he knows.

when blue dog dems and republicans are attacking from the left something is off.

Why is Obama such a soppy pussy?

It is depressing. Seeing the democrats get stomped all over is so depressing.

I can still get my UI right?

Fucking weak. Been avoiding Obama news for a while cuz it seems to always disappoint.

Well a good portion of this is their own damn fault. The Republicans pretty much said we will block you on DADT and START if you don’t renew the cuts for the rich. Democrats had to cave because no progress on that angers the more rabid parts of the base.

So this is part Republican politicing, and part the base screwing him over on this.

Yes, provided it goes through congress, which it will.

Stick a fork in in the big O.

I am really failing to see , what harm could less taxes on the richest 3% of the population possibly do? Not many households, let alone individuals are making 250,000 a year. Somebody really needs to clarify this one for me, is the situation really that serious:rofl:? Or is this a dick measuring contest to determine which party will win the presidential campaign next year?

The richest 3% have like 40% of the countries money or something ridiculous like that. It’s “A duh” math.

Ah sorry should have clarified, if anything imo tax increases on the rich is equally as retarded as tax decreases… I believe in the same taxes all across the board.

And both the Bush Era and Obama Era bailouts far exceed our tax revenue, I don’t know what political party to believe in anymore!!:sad:

I should just go into the voting booth with a blindfold on for the 2012 election, they both are fucking up and I don’t give a fuck anymore…

START is way more important than the tax cuts considering the recent speeches the russian prez is giving. the dem house/senate fucked obama by pussyfooting and not following his marching orders when they had the clear mandate/majority, now he doesn’t and has to make concessions and deal to get shit done.

This reminds me when Omni brought up Pareto’s 80/20 law, with the example of “80% of the world’s wealth is own by 20% of the people.”

so the first black president is just another run of the mill white president…hmm

c’mon wikileaks, save the day

edit: i love how every time the rich get tax cuts, they say “it will create jobs”…fuck that buzz phrase. It won’t do fuck all but put more money in a rich dudes pockets. Rich people treats hundreds of dollars like the rest of us treat spare change. You wanna create jobs? Give poor people more spending money so that more places have to hire more people to keep up with making shit to buy. It’s an amazing cycle that America dominated once, but gave up to the Chinese. Giving rich people tax cuts does NOT make jobs, PERIOD

why do they want to preserve the tax cuts on the filthy rich? i thought the republicans wanted to attack the deficit. cutting taxes is not the solution at all. they need to raise taxes and cut spending. its the only way.

the discrepancy between have and have nots is ridiculously huge right now. i forget the stats, but the vast majority of wealth is concentrated in a tiny minority in the US. do these moronic people who vote for republicans even understand this? do they really believe they too will someday make that obscene kind of money, when their blue collar low skilled jobs are most likely to get exported overseas by the very CEOs they idolize? then again, the majority of ppl who vote republican are moronic christian bible thumping idiots who believe in anything. dumbasses. the political party they vote implements policies that don’t benefit the majority of their constituency.

brilliant manipulation of religious sheep, but makes me shake my head.

PS: i am not a liberal


It’s not a tax increase, it’s simply not renewing a tax cut. The tax cut that will not be renewed was massively in favor of the rich. It’s putting things back in balance.

He made concessions when he did have the majority. He’s lacked balls since he got elected, but what’s going on now is insanity.

he made concessions bcuz his congress wasn’t getting with the program. he gave the congress the healthcare bill and told them to get it done since with a clear majority should’ve been easy…instead southern dems started jumping ship and throwing him (and pelosi) under the bus which pretty much left no choice but to compromise. when you can’t count on your own party to get your back you don’t really have have a choice. predictably, most of the “blue dog” dems’ seats now belong to republicans so at least they weren’t rewarded for being backstabbing bitches.

Yeah he has been a huge fagg0t since he got elected. Dicking around trying to make a love fest when it was obvious from the start that the GOP wasn’t going to play that crap.

If you want to be a democrat and change everything you have to not give a shit about what people think about you.

FDR didn’t give a shit. He attacked everyone. Obama is a bitch and has gotten shit on by everyone.

Now a days it’s either complete dumbass who doesn’t give a shit and is backed by corporations or someone who is smart and is a huge pussy, also backed by corporations.

I just summed up American Politics, hurray. Sad thing is, I’ll have to vote for Obama again if Sarah Palin is running. No idea why the GOP keep propping her up. I miss Nixon republicans. Super smart schemers who are evil but on our side.

Pretty sure he is afraid of the right. Seems dumb to state but he has been working harder at being some type of logical messiah than a politician; which is unfortunate for us because congress works on the lowest levels of logic imaginable.

He thought he could change stuff. He thought wrong. :tdown: