Demon flip question

I remember playing SFA2 and Akuma had a bunch of options when doing the Demon flip.
One of those options was the throw that you see, where he grabs the shoulders and throws you.
The other was a throw that when your spite touched the opposing sprite, you could hit towards and fp and he would grab you and take you off the screen and pile drive you into the ground.

Is that move still an option out of the flip?
I dont remeber ever getting that move off in Third Strike, but was wondering if anyone has seen that move in 4.

It was called the Gou Tsui and you pressed any direction plus a kick button when near the opponents head or while they were standing or in the air.

There’s no such move in sf4.

It’s exclusive to the Alphas series and CVS2.

I got one, will Demon Flip or EX Demon Flip grab a crouching opponent?

I would check but SRK search is disabled and so is my Playstation 3. =(

Yes, it can grab crouching opponents. Timing is alot stricter though.

Thanks. Does EX give any type of leeway on that or just make the flip really fast/have some type of armor?

The EX version puts Akuma where ever your opponent is at. If your opponent is close the ex version will stop close at the exact location they where at when you pushed the demon flip notation. If they are across the screen the EX demon flip will go all the way across the screen(thats the only way the demon flip reaches across the screen) to go to that location. That is probably the biggest perk out of the EX version plus the fact that it is slightly faster.

It does not give you leeway on the throw and the throw is pretty easy to get of even if they are crouching. I found out that the throw/hit box is still considered standing when your opponent is crouching and all you have to do is pretend they are standing and push the throw command like you normally do and you will still pull of the grab.


It’s more fast and covers a great distance, but that’s about it.

Awesome thanks dudes. I am probably going to be playing Akuma when my warranty goes through.


Just throwing this out there (heh, throwing, get it?), but if your opponent is crouching, why throw them when you can use the K follow up and then combo them for like 40% life instead?

Just sayin’.

because they can block it

Because a grab defeats the block. The “huge combo” only comes if you catch them in the middle of a fireball or something like that. Almost all of the flip options have some role, the only one that doesn’t is the slide just because it is so unsafe.

Palm = Land with close to no lag, armor breaking, untechable KD, overhead, safest option (on a trade you can’t be ultraed), and prevents jumping.
Palm != No combo follow up and worst damage out of all the options.

Dive = Sets up for combos, pressure, can be used for cross ups, and if well timed beats out SRKs
Dive != Easily blocked and has the longest delay out of all of the options

Grab = Defeats blocking, untechable KD, and a does huge amount of stun.
Grab != Easily escaped if predicted and easiest to punish.

just to be clear on something ive actually never paid attention to:
palm is overhead? i dont remember it ever being blocked low, it just whiffs by that time.

Yep it counts as an overhead attack. Usually you don’t see it because a lot of times you don’t use the palm in a situation where you can actually hit with it, but it will work on a crouching opponent.

Yes, but I wouldn’t think this is the safest option. As LoyalSol mentioned, the throw is the easiest to counter (minus the terrible recovery on the no-input slide).
In that situation I would much rather go for the palm. If it connects it’ll overhead hit them and knock them down for some tasty wake up game. If it whiffs when you can go right to crouching option select/throw tech and possibly even bait out a counter shoryu or something along those lines.

The downward kick is alright if you want to force some block strings. It’s pretty safe against a character like Sagat, but I don’t recommend it against Ryu though, his HP shoryu tends to trade with this at the worst times and you’ll eat a big ultra for it.