Demon Hyo's Low tier vs your High Tier, Money Match thread

I’ll take that bet.:woot:

I’m in for $10-20, depending on how much $ I have at Evo =O

What it do Brandon??!! Yo, we’re mobbin’ at evo man =] Anyways, would you like to play me in a friendly money match 3/5 for $20+? I might come to evo east, so stay tuned, if not, then evo worlds of course.

So the teams i’ll be willing to play are:


Alright B, see you at evo east hopefully. Peace.


BB Hood/Dr. Doom/Iron Man $10

Sure thing.

It’s a bet.

Sure, pick whatever you want to, Chunk. Hope to chill with ya again at one of the evo events! It’s always mad hype when we’re together lol! You know we going to lose our voices again… I still remember the past ecc and evo. :sweat:

Can I pick 2 Sentinels? :rofl: Also, can we change our teams, or do we have to use the same team in every match?

I apologize if I did not read it well enough.


It’s in the first post.

I’m broke since Accent Core. If you go down to $5, then I’ll do it.

Mike Z

sak/psy/doom vs my cable/sent/BH

3/5 for 20$ evo world lets bet it <333

Ah, I would love to play you for money. I’ve always wanted to play your team. That’s if this the original Mike_Z.:lovin:

I can pick any team I want remember. I don’t have to pick Sakura nor Cammy if I don’t want too. Read the first post again for full details on the stipulations. You already have the upper hand with a high tier team anyway.

Oh, my bad dude, yeah, im still down for the match though =]


strider/sent/bh 3/5 $10 :slight_smile:

Ryu Shinnosuke !! ^.^


Damn Brandon… Cammy/Tronne is part of my regular team, that ish is dangerous.


3/5 $10
Cammy/Jill/Tron/Psylocke/Capcom/Juggs imma use a various version of these characters :slight_smile:

sorry i didnt play ya at FRX

Ok cool.

Btw, added one more team I’ll be using.

can’t play you anymore, sorry hyo…