Demon without Punch

Hey Guys,

Tried to find a post on this but was unable to.

I’m trying to Ultra or Super without my low punch coming up on the screen. I notice in a few vids some Ultras and Supers come out without any sign of a low punch coming out of Akuma.

is there a special key combo that I could use to initiate the ultra? Sometimes the low punch comes out and hits my character in which he would then jump over my ultra/super.

Thanks for your help.

ok what I’m gonna tell you is alot easier with a stick… these are 3 basic things you should consider while using demon.
instead of lp lp <- lk fp. you can shorten it by going lp lp (back + light kick + fierce punch) to shorten the motion.

the first way to “hide” the lp is…

  1. press forward and mp along with the first lp. ie. (forward + mp + lp) lp (back + lk + fp)
    the second way…
  2. This is mainly used as an anti-air, press down and mk along with the first lp. ie. (down + mk + lp) lp (back + lk + fp)

The second method ( is very usefull and I think that every akuma player should be able to hit that on command.

yup read my sig. akumas best friend. learn your footsies with akuma and learn to anti air ultra and youll be on your way to creating a monster. after that learn to vortex. :stuck_out_tongue:

Additionally, you can buffer the LP’s while Akuma is dashing after a crumple from a focus attack cancelled to a dash.

In line with this, is it possible to focus then dash (without releasing the attack) then buffer demon while dashing? I haven’t tried it and the thought just came to me as I was typing this.

You can only dash and buffer the demon into it. So Akuma does a step forward(backwards) and demon comes out without seeing anything (LP or beginning of overhead chop).
You can buffer the motion into anything, so that the part with the LPs isn’t visible. Do it during HK(f) and if your opponent is going to sweep that, demon. You can cancel the HK with Ultra aswell, so that Ultra comes out before the second hit.
Or demon into teleport. Works pretty good, too
Or buffer it into whiffed Palm Strike.
Or cancel Taunt with Demon. :slight_smile:

Tsuji demon would be the only way for the demon to just “come out” without any other moves happening. Tsuji demon is pretty much impossible and not practical, but if you look around here you should be able to find the information you’re looking for.

Well the hiding, karaing or whatever you want to call it and it’s easiest execution depends on the situation.

For doing an anti-air ultra it’s very easy to keep the joystick down/back then press mk+lp twice (somehow easier for me than mk+lp,lp), then slide with the joystick from down/back to just back (or back/up) and press lk + hp. This is not just for hiding your jabs but lowering your hit box during the medium kick. With this easy and really fast doable motion you’ll find yourself with their leg or arm inside your body (you’re invincible at this point) when your ultra demon starts a lot.

This method can also be used for people doing focus baiting from sweep range too much. In this case do hk+jab twice instead of mk+lp. I must admit, suck at that though. My old age starts to show i guess :wink:

When being close to the opponent where any attack would hit him before the demon, i suggest pressing forward and keep it pressed and do lp+mp twice (so it would do the overhead) then press back and lk+hp. All this rapid enough to make the demon come out before the overhead starts hitting the other player.

When doing a super demon, in the middle of a block string or just walk up super i also use the overhead cancel a lot with the following input. Forward (and keep it pressed) mp+lp then slide with the joystick from forward to down/foward and press lk+hp. Because with the super all directions (for demon and overhead) are forward, it’s even easier than doing an overhead into ultra demon where you have to change direction to back.

Of course this is my personal preference, which works best for me. Some people do better with other variations. Maybe those tips from someone with not a so good execution help you more than from a pro who can do any input method without problems anyway.

Joky, I use the exact same inputs. I worked out what I felt comfortable with execution wise in training mode and came up with the same stuff. Pretty cool!

I also suck at catching focus baiting with hk+lp. I know it can be done but I find it difficult to pull it off. I’ve started getting into the habit buffering it every time that I’m going for a sweep at that range too. Same with standing hk after throwing a fireball. You can catch a jump back/neutral jump sometimes if the opponent sticks out a move in the air.

I like to use the :r: + :lp: + :mp:, :lp: + :mp:, :l: (or :df: for super) + :lk: + :hp: method because it makes Akuma take a half step forward which is the basis for using kara or tsuji demon variations.

I’ve used it plenty of times in situation where I would’ve hit my oponent with an LP before, but now it just cancels from the overhead chop into demon.

Thanks for all the advice.

I can’t seem to demon quick enough with my fight pad. I just got my Tournament Stick in the mail today so time to practice with that!

veNOM2099, that would be the same motion as Joky describes yes?
I’m new to Akuma (mained Ryu since launch), and I didn’t know what to do with demon at all, so this is excellent stuff. Cauntless times I’ve missed a demon, trying to punish ei. a DP when, which I often reset with the damn LP. Dashing back and demon is not quick enough in a match. With this info maybe I can use my meters from now on.

Thanks guys

Yeah, basically. I can show you a few examples of me doing it while playing online: [media=youtube]kftAc0mzVDo#t=01m47s"]Here (then keep watching as I do a kara super demon at 2:04) and [URL=“”[/media]. Mind you, there are times when it can be flubbed while doing it this way. If you try it will you’re crouching, the c.MP comes out and can hit your opponent making you miss. There’s also been some times when I put “weight” on my index finger (jab punch) instead of my middle finger (strong punch) and a jab will come out.

The Kara Demon is infinitely useful for those situations where you are close and inputting via the normal method would cause you to jab the opponent and put them in hitstun, making it impossible to connect the demon.

I really like the buffer, especially against Ken players who like to jump at me with air tatsu’s :slight_smile:

I think the easiest input for Kara Demon is
:r:+:lp:+:mp:, :lp:+:mp:, :lk:+:hp:

You can lose the :mp: for the second input but personally I find it easier to just slap the same two buttons twice then hit the final command. I do the same for the buffer

I learned it this weeking, really not that hard and 100 times easier to use in a match, so thanks.
Landed several demons as antiair, works like a charm. Also did the same on dashing and FA opponents (outside range of course), works too. Sometimes it even worked under pressure, if I caught them with the while they were jumping back, they’ll reset the full jump and land right in the demon. Sweet, though not safe.
The walking super, f+mp, I used against FA, and it’s a win-win, cause if missed I’d still get 2 hits with the f+mp.
I found the super harder to do, happened like 70% of the time, while demon was like 95%. Using f+mp to do the ultra was also like 70-80%.

Thx guys, I’m sticking with Akuma after playing Ryu since launch, after I’ve started winning some matches he’s so much fun!:tup:


You might want to practice buffering demon into C.HK If your opponent is FADCing allot of your attacks. when you hit him with the sweet and he dashes to punish you, you can cancel the sweep into demon and punish his FA.

Yes, did that too now you mention it. Watched all of Loltima’s videos (who hasn’t), really cool stuff. My execution is way behind though, took me a long time figuring out just to use tatsu crossup and actually hit with it :pleased:
I find it hard to vortex in a match, but maybe that’s because I’m used to the zoninggame with Ryu, so I kind of stick to that still. Also, any matchvideos around with you guys?

Akuma Video Thread.

check the last page. people are always uploading vids there.