Demonflip and divekick crossups

Ive been trying to implement these in my game and was wondering what tips & tricks as well as setups people have. Also what is the scope of what you can actually do with them in terms of ambiguity and such. Usually with these I dont want to actually hit with the demon flip or divekick as a crossup (is that actually possible with the dive?) but just doing it empty for confusion sake adding more shit my opponent has to look out for.

Some of the setups Ive been experimenting/know work with is:

Strong/Fierce Srk category means whatever combo that ends with it these setups will work.
SA1 category works whenever you combo into SA1 or if it hits close.

Hopefully you guys will complement these with some of your own and maybe you even know on who it works on :chat:.

Been testing them a bit more thorougly now aswell as found some new ones (some found by R_T_S_D first posted here).
Probably more coming soon…

PS. Noone have any setups to share? Come on :rofl:

To be perfectly honest - I just remember the rough distance from where to start each demon flip (short, forwrd or RH) and then I cancel into kick NOT EVEN KNOWING MYSELF which way I will land. Though at times I can tell where I will land, my main aim is to confuse even myself.

Only other thing I sometimes do is cancel the kick early if I fear someone will walk under me. If I’m lucky I go onto the other side and don’t get hit. If I’m really lucky the kick will hit them as a crossup while making me land a safe distance away. If I’m unlucky, I will cross them but land into something they throw out (if you watch my matches against Nuki you shoud see that a few times - impossible to run away from him…)

Here’s something very interesting though. A cancelled flip in someone’s face tends to cross them if they are crouching. Why would they crouch? Maybe they are expecting the slide. So for example, you land an anti air shoryu on someone mid screen. As they are landing and getting up, your flip should be on its way down. If the opponent plans on blocking high and then low to account for the sweep - then cancelling the flip last moment SHOULD land you on their other side - so if you’re quick you can land a very nasty combo.

Oh wow. I’ll definitely be giving these a try. Great idea for a thread!

heres a question. ive never been able tocombo from a dive kick. am i suppose to do it real late or something?

I’ll answer your question in the general Akuma combos/strats thread. I don’t want this thread derailed.

Everyone of these setups work even if your opponent wakes up standing (unless stated otherwise). Although since I’ve mostly tried them on the dummy in training mode there might be a possibility that when the crossup occurs late (opponent already up when it happens) and your opponent is holding back that he could escape the cross up.