Demon's/Dark Souls Thread. Dark Souls II!

Dark Souls is the sequel, more like successor to the highly succesful Demon’s Souls. This time its Namco/Bandai picking up the publishing rights. For those who don’t know what the first one was about here’s the quick rundown. Now being developed for both the 360 and the PS3

Game Spot First Look.

Anticipated release end of 2011.

This is the only RPG that matters.

Too bad people that imported the game are region server locked :frowning:

I’d give it consideration if the people I know who imported it are planning to repurchase it.

I’m plannin on gettin it

o shit, I gotta add you to friend list quotes :o

King’s Field/Shadow Tower > you

Shadow Tower Abyss - ACT LIKE YOU KNOW

yea man. zidane and chaz are gettin this game too?


^Tell me about it. I imported it a while ago, and can’t really afford to buy it again to play with my friends getting the NA release.

But all the same the game itself is fantastic if you’re the hardcore RPG/dungeon crawler type and it lives up to the hype of how difficult it is as well. Without careful planning some bosses will slap you around no problem.

Character creation is hilarious too because no matter how hard you try you cannot make your character not ugly looking. I’ve tried.

Intriguing… I found a review posted here: [media=youtube]NHymmFXyqnA&feature=related[/media]

Each video I’m seeing only shows someone playing as a “knight” character though, and I’m more interested in the magic…

Day 1 buy for me.
I’m glad I waited for the game rather than Importing it. Good things come if you patiently wait.

The game will FUCK YOU UP if you ain’t careful…blocking and rolling is your friend for real, lol…

getting it day 1, can’t wait. been waiting for this for awhile, was too lazy to import.

Finally, it arrives. I just hope it’s half as good as the king’s field games.

I hope Co-op won’t be lag fest.

In my experience with the import lag was never really much of an issue. For the most part it was as if I was playing with someone in the same room.

I’m getting it on day 1, can’t wait

Im def going to pick this game up along with Uncharted 2. If you go to the ps3 thread theres more discussion about it.

been hype for this game for awhile now. I cant wait. picking it up on day 1 (ehich i hope is Tuesday, and not Wednesday)

Are there different difficulty settings? If not then I’ll pass. I have better things to do than get frustrated by a video game.

Marvel should jump on this and make a Calculator game.

I’m so ready for this game. I’ve been playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 but it’s not quite as difficult as the 360 version, hopefully this game will be better for crushing my spirit.