Demon's/Dark Souls Thread. Dark Souls II!

i’ll be playing til uncharted 2 comes out.

Btw, can you invite people on your friends list to play with you? Or is the Co-op all random?

Also. Fuck exams and research papers… I won’t be picking this game up until next week after I get all my shit out of the way.

I have no idea when Canada’s getting this game, but I preordered it at VGP. I want to invest time in this game (and reduce my backlog), so I won’t be getting Uncharted 2 right away.

I recommend reading this article:

I’ve got this pre-ordered from VGP as well. In my experience I should be getting it today sometime actually. Also a misconception that’s warding a lot of people that should probably be confirmed by someone that’s already played the game, but the game isn’t difficult really, it’s more like you can’t run around like every other action game expecting to survive for very long. Every enemy can kill you, but it’s not like they have a million HP and are just hard because they’re hard. If you know how to kill something, it’ll die. First time in awhile, knowledge is power.

I heard the New Game + will have infinite replayability. Nice

Will it be worth me importing the US version to play with you guys? I have been playing Demon’s Souls for a while and it is hands down one of my favourite games right now. I definitely recommend it.

Yeah this game is awesome. I imported it and played it a bit, ended up giving it to a buddy when I heard the US version was coming out. Definitely looking forward to starting up again!

Looks like everyone hyped up for tomorrow!
Should I pre-order it last second? lol to get the Art book and soundtrack?

Thinking about it, lack of open ended is a bit upsetting, new game plus softens the blow.

Is it weird the supposed difficulty is a selling point to me though?

No because that’s the sole reason this game caught my attention and I’m sure many others. The supposed difficulty.

Tired of good games that fall short of greatness simply because it didn’t feel like a challenge and you get no satisfaction from beating it aside from perhaps enjoying the story.

Ordered the deluxe today. I was sold with the Trailer’s music. I almost care more about the soundtrack than the game. Both will be great though.

I ordered it from Amazon so I’ll probably get this game in a week. I’m just going off the hype from this forum so I hope I do like this game.

that was one good read. Just makes me more and more hype, i really hope i can pick this up tomorrow.

Sooooo does it just keep getting harder and harder every new game+? Like infinitely harder? Or is there a cap? What’s the level cap btw?

I got it off of Amazon also, but I got release date delivery and it will be here tomorrow.

I have Amazon Prime and order all my games from them.
No tax
Free shipping
Lower prices

Had the special edition pre-ordered for a while now.

As a fan of other notoriously hard games (NetHack for one), I am anxiously awaiting getting my face stomped on by this thing tomorrow.

This sounds like something I might have to pick up one day, despite it being an Atlus game. Perhaps after Uncharted 2 and Ratchet & Clank ruin my social life, I’ll give this a shot.

atlus just brought the game over and localized it. they didn’t develop the game if that make you feel better.

Nope. It doesn’t. :smile:

Fixed. :wgrin: