Demon's/Dark Souls Thread. Dark Souls II!

You are new, so you wouldn’t know, but I don’t buy Atlus games. Period.

sounds pretty sick. should be a good game.

everyone in this thread needs to read that gamasutra article posted on page one

wow, now that’s how you hype up a game, folks…that article made the game sound way too good…heh, I have to get this asap, and I don’t even have my ps3 yet…I might actually get it right before getting the system.

Screw this game! I’m so close to get a platinum yet I don’t get a drop of a pure bladestone from the phantom skeleton… T_T

Anyways, I gotta post a warning for all you new peeps before you make a mistake in the game.

This game has some “traps” that would destroy your save if you don’t know about them.

For example Yurt the NPC:

If you rescue Yurt, he will appear in the Nexus, and soon (after you kill another Boss or two) will start to kill other NPCs there

If Yurt is left alone long enough he will kill off important people in the nexus including the spell trainers and vendors.

To prevent Yurt from killing NPCs, kill him right after freeing him from the cage or immediately after seeing the two anonymous corpses in the Nexus.

Also from every boss you get a boss soul which you can:
1.Pick the option “use” to eat it and gain souls (=money)- NEVER PICK THIS OPTION! ALWAYS GO FOR #2!
2.Convert it into a spell or a unique weapon- You can sometimes convert it into multiple things but you only get one of a kind for each “game run” so always pick the useful one!

Let’s take a look at the dilemmas I find the most important from here:
Hard Demon’s Soul

* Boss 2-1: Armor Spider
* Weapon
      o 2-1 Blacksmith Ed - Lava Bow
            + May be upgraded from any of:
                  # Short Bow +7
                  # Long Bow +7
                  # Compound Short Bow +7
                  # Compound Long Bow +7
* Magic
      o Freke - Firespray
      o Yuria - Igniter
* Can be consumed for 3,200 soul points

Lava bow is the strongest bow in the game and you WILL need it.

* Dragon Demon's Soul
      o Boss 2-3: Dragon God
      o Magic
            + Freke - Fireball
            + Yuria - Firestorm
      o Miracle
            + Urbain - Rage of God
      o Can be consumed for 26,400 soul points

For this either Rage of God or Firestorm is fine, but I think ROG is more useful.

Boss 4-1: Adjudicator


* 2-1 Blacksmith Ed - Meat Cleaver
      o May be upgraded from any of:
            + Club +0
            + Great Club +0
            + War Pick +6
            + Mace +6
            + Pickaxe +6
            + Morning Star +6
            + Iron Knuckles +6
            + Mirdan Hammer +6


* Urbain - Slow Recovery

Pick Meat Clever as it causes knockdown on hit and will help you alot vs Humanoid enemies such as phantoms, Garl Vinland and Old Monk.

Hero Demon’s Soul

* Boss 4-2: Old Hero
* Weapon
      o 2-1 Blacksmith Ed - Large Sword of Searching
            + May be upgraded from any of:
                  # Claws +8
                  # Broad Sword +8
                  # Flamberge +8
                  # Shotel +8
                  # Scimitar +8
                  # Falchion +8
                  # Kilij +8
                  # Uchigatana +8
                  # Sais +8
* Miracle
      o Urbain - One-Time Revival
* Can be consumed for 36,000 soul points

Large Sword of Searching is a must-have for farming, especially for the crystal geckos (who have limited re-spawns!)

Storm Demon’s Soul

* Boss 4-3: Storm King
* Weapon
      o 2-1 Blacksmith Ed - Morion Blade
            + May be upgraded from any of:
                  # Short Sword +8
                  # Long Sword +8
                  # Knight Sword +8
                  # Bastard Sword +8
                  # Claymore +8
                  # Great Sword +8
* Miracle
      o Urbain - Anti-Magic Field
* Can be consumed for 48,000 soul points

This is kinda hard since both are great. Anti Magic Field rapes world 3 for free (and useless in the rest of the game besides world 2’s Black Phantom), but Morion Blade is for the ultimate bow combo. I’d say you should try to finish world 3 before you decide, and if you are having trouble with the magicians there get the spell. If you succeded w/o it, go for the Morion Blade.

Wriggling Demon’s Soul

* Boss 5-1: Leechmonger
* Magic
      o Freke - Poison Cloud
* Miracle
      o Urbain - Cure
* Can be consumed for 6,400 soul points

For god’s sake pick Poison Cloud! It makes the hardest bosses in the game a joke!

Pureblood Demon’s Soul

* Boss 5-3: Maiden Astraea
* Weapon
      o 2-1 Blacksmith Ed - Blueblood Sword
            + May be upgraded from
                  # Broken Sword +0
* Magic
      o Freke - Death Cloud
      o Yuria - Relief
* Miracle
      o Urbain - Resurrection
* Can be consumed for 48,000 soul points

Pick Death Cloud, which is a stronger version of Poison Cloud but it doesn’t work on the hard bosses. But it’s a great tool in the levels themselves.

Anyways you should read a lot in the wiki as it has lots of info you must know.

I’ll never understand Sep’s hate for Atlus.

VGP shipped the game…I’ll be surprised if I get the game tomorrow.

I have a 06 account, but I think it’s dead and the email I used it is dead. Technically. :smokin:

Missing Atlus? what’s up?
Atlus games has history of reaching crazy prices on ebay.

gametrailer gave it 8.9 looks like i will pick it up tmr so i can do some random pvp assassination =P

If it’s anything like King’s Field it will be epic. If not…well, at least it’ll be decent.

That’s not right. They better have like separate servers for people who are into that kind of thing. I don’t want any part of that. If it’s like that then I’m not going to even bother with online.

I want to like this game but from what I’m reading/watching it seems like that there’s a lot of stuff in the game that’s just plain annoying. I guess that what’s considered hard nowadays.

I’m not sure if they have that, cuz a friend of mine who imported the Asia version kept getting ganked by high levels. But even then he says he loved the game and is considering buying it again solely to play multiplayer. I think you can kick people from your game, and there are probably limits to how many can be in a “room” so just party up and should be no randoms killing the fun or you.

I got my artbook today, and it’s nice. Not as big as the Knights in the Nightmare artbook, but still decent and comes with the OST. Can’t wait to play this

According to the wiki, there is a “miracle”/spell that can “banish” an invading Black Phantom(other player intent on killing you) from your world. heh, I actually spent quite a bit of time reading up on the wiki for this game yesterday…I hope the gameplay is good since everything else already has me obsessed at this point (*I can usually tell if I will enjoy a game just by watching videos though…so I’m 99% sure I will love this, based on what I’ve read and seen so far.)

Yeah Banish requires 2 Miracle slots so you will need a Will stat of at least 16. But I would recommend you equip Subdue Soul and Evacuation instead (both 1 Miracle slot each) as an alternative to Banish when you are able to if you are worried about not being able to defeat any Black Phantoms that get into your game (“Log off PlayStation Network” gives infinite duration protection from Black Phantoms and costs zero Miracle slots :P).

I mainly keep Soulsucker (3 slots for Magic) and Evacuation (1 slot for Miracles) and fill the remaining slots as needed. Good times.

I’m so hyped, gonna pick up my copy in a couple hours, VGP gave me a call. Thanks for the advice Tataki, that invigorates me even more to enjoy this game. I know it’s ruthless and very mean to have a character be like that in the game, but it’s just another one of those clever things that honestly seem extremely brilliant. I hope i won’t be disappointed, so many games I’ve been hyped for just don’t live up. Hopefully this will make it all worth it.

You can only be invaded by a Black Phantom if you are playing in Body form… your first playthrough you will be dying constantly so don’t worry about it too much.

Subscribed to this thread because I’ll probably be coming back here often.

Just got my copy, time to die =D

Don’t worry, as the game has limitations. You can only interact with players of similar soul level as you. If you are level 1, a level 170 player for example won’t be able to get into your game no matter what.

I think you can’t use evacuation while a black phantom is in your game. You must either get rid of it or be killed.
Also soulsucker is a spell not a miracle :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that people picking this game up for the first time not look stuff up online or use the Wiki or the guide that comes with the deluxe version. Exploration, horrible deaths, learning how not to die horribly, figuring stuff out etc. is a major part of the fun of this game. This isn’t a final fantasy game, theres no real story to speak of, following a guide and learning all the shortcuts and secrets and knowing where enemies will be beforehand and the best strategies to kill them is defeating the whole point of the game.

Basically the only 2 things the game doesn’t explicitly tell you that I think new players should be aware of are 1. Save the Demons Souls items you get from killing bosses, you need them to get better items and spells so don’t just use them for a few thousand souls and 2. Kill Yurt after you rescue him so he doesn’t kill everybody in the Nexus.

Seriously? I honestly didn’t expect anyone in Canada to get it today. My copy was shipped yesterday, so maybe I’ll get mine today. I’m guessing you went to the store on Keele and Wilson, right?