Demon's Request Thread

Demon’s Request Thread


I dunno if this has been done b4 but um…

could any of u make me an av where the first screen it says p-ing anit ez with the p-groove bar on the bottem, and then have ken about to parry. but does it to early( i know that can’t be done!) and then gets kicked… I just started using the p, and its koo

OK thanks

Sorry but I’m not a CvS2 player so… whats parrying look like…:sweat:… show me a gif if ya could

dam…um…I’ll post one later if I can find one.

can u just make me a av with Ken, Rugal and chun li, and plz make them look like bad asses

hey i was wondering if you could please make me an av with doom on it preferably in his green costume with the rocks floating around him like his assist-b type. if it could say Granite Unit on it somewhere, at the top or bottom, that would be awesome. thanks!

that scarlet spidey tag is mad awesome. i was wondering if i could get a darkness tag ( hes a comic character) if you cant find any pics, then just ask me and ill post some. thank you very much.

… yeah man… can you prove pics cuz I don’t know who it is…:sweat:

lol so I guess ya couldn’t find 1 then… okay then I’ll make thing 1

Sure thing

***I’ll get to these tonight *** :smiley:

Wow, that art style reminds me of The Maxx. Awesome.

same company i believe.

hey sorry but i was wondering if your not done yet, could you put cable in the backround like on the one av at the top with cyke? i just wanted him in the backround doing ahvb. and could the avatar please have like a blue grid backround? thanks so much!~! :smiley:

Well here are the avatars/tag

man, i think i just orgazmed in joy.

thank u so much!~!!~!~:D

I lOVE U!!!

Welcome people… I hope you guys enjoy it :smiley:

Anyways I’ll take 1 more request… but it better be posted on here by 2:00pm tomorrow or else I won’t see it till monday probably…:sweat:

okay since it’s back to the week days I can take more request…

*** firsts 2 request ***

Oh yeah… just to let ya know… I don’t do tech… I wish I did though…


im bout 2 get down wit g-unit

u think u could made me an avatar



can u put “AutOmaTIc” on da avatar

thanx:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

okay then… but you can delete your post on the g-unit thread if ya not in g-unit…well…nm good bump…lol… so you dont want scooby do or anything…:lol:

it’d be done by tonight or tomorrow okay