Demul 0.5.5

Hello guys I have downlaoded demul 0.5.5 emulator runs fine but i can not figure out how to run games.
When I click run dc it says "unable to find 1_01d_01.bin in romset dc"
when I run Naomi and Automiswave it gives me a list of games to load.
And where should I put roms?
and do i need any bios and where to put them.

I don’t think anyone is gonna help you pirate Atomis wave and Naomi games/bios’s

In before thread lock!

Yeah, I’m not really too impressed with DC emulators on the PC. My setup is by no means slow, but the games are always full of graphical glitches and random slowdown. I’d recommend that you just go out and find a used Dreamcast for cheap. It’s one of the only systems that can run backups without any mods. Other than that, this isn’t the right forum to speak of roms and emulators (but if you search you’d find that there IS a thread in this forum about DC emu = nullDC).