Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax- My Little Sister Can't Be This Top Tier (PS3/PSV Fall 2014)


Celebrating Dengeki Bunko’s 20 year anniversary, they are collaborating with Sega to create a 2D fighting game featuring both characters from Dengeki Bunko’s light novels and, judging by the background, Sega’s popular franchises such as Valkyria Chronicles.

Official site

Short footage


Loving this.


Hating Asuna


The sprites look decent enough. I wonder how it animates though.


Hmm Tag fighter or are those only assist characters? Looks interesting either way.




yoooooooooo, im down for this!


light novels. please do your research.


k fixed


I have to say that i am surprised that is 2d, considering how they went very anal about 2d games after HnK


The Sprite work reminds me of UNIB


As if Biribiri doesn’t get announced first.

No railgun, no buy Sega.


Front paged.

A translation of what they were saying on stream would be nice though.


No Maoh, no buy

I want to conquer the fighting game world with his burger flipping skills

I hope this doesn’t become an “all-female” roster


And, as expected, the complaints about how Sega is making a ‘loli animu fighter’ instead of VF6 have begun.


fuck that, wheres my Sonic The Fighters 2 sega?


My body is ready, here’s hoping its gets a region free PS3 release or a localisation.


Really hype for this, as I think it has a very good chance of making it overseas. Plus, Shana <3


Absolutely disgusting


Mikoto’s a given. She’s the most popular female character of all light novels for four years straight.

I’m reading through the list of all Dengeki’s past and running series and s-CRY-ed is on there.


What system will this be for?

Why not? All female fighters are always badass, Skullgirls and Arcana Heart are good examples