Denjin 1 Year Anniversary Tournament - Sept 12 - 3s SF4 ST HDR CvS2 Alpha2


What’s up guys, Herai here. We may all be depressed to be back in America and not Takonanobaba (:sad:), but lets not forget our roots and celebrate 1 year of our favorite American stomping ground being open!

I’m hoping to see everyone who has had a good time at Denjin in the past year to try to make it out for some laughs, some MJ, and some Street Fighter! Dae Ho Lee will be on sight for pictures and autographs.

Sign ups at 5 PM, Tournament starts at 7 PM
Entry Fee $5 for 3s and SF4 ($10 a team)
Entry Fee $1 for Alpha 2 CvS2 ST and HDR

For SF4
2 Man Teams. Pokemon format. Double Elimination!

Character switch OK! 2/3 rounds, Double Elimination!

For 3s
No character switch! 2/3 rounds, Double Elimination!

For CvS2 and Alpha 2
2/3 rounds, Double Elimination, Single match in losers bracket!

Prize split is 70/20/10

CvS2 and Alpha 2 is winner take all!

If anyone would like to run tourneys for other games, you are of course welcome, and I will add them to the thread, but we only have 3s SF4 ST HDR Cvs2 and Alpha2 tournament runners covered.

Also, at 6 PM we’ll be running a one game, single elimination, all Urien tournament! Anything can happen! Just hit up whoever is doing sign ups for 3s if you’d like to enter this tournament. Entrance is free.


If you are not going to be within a distance where you can hear Dae’s voice for longer than a smoke break, notify the person running the brackets or you will be DQ’d. We’ve had too many problems with people going for food mid tournament without letting anyone know and it stalls the tournament for everyone. Don’t be mad at us if it happens to you. You’ve been warned!!

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Show Denjin some love :lovin:


dude im down for this. ill see what i can do itll be my first Denjin experience! yay!


aw one year old awwwwwwwwwwwwww


will there be free beer and cigarettes?


i wanna go :3


sounds hot


yoshhhh!!! im downnn! hey Jesus can there be any team tournies too?
if theres time for sf4 would anyone be down for a 2v2?
pleaseee take this into consideration!!!
thanks! <333


This tournament can be whatever people want it to be as far as I’m concerned, and I have a preference for team tournaments anyway. If a couple more people show interest in a 2v2, it’ll be a 2v2.


I’m gonna try and make it out to this




happy bday denjin! (not yet tho)
make a party out of this

hot dogs and booze IMHO


I like this train of thought


PHERAI!! You know id really like to go (you KNOW i love Denjin) but work wont allow me to. I wish you guys the best and happy birthday, Denjin! :lovin:


can’t wait.
i’m going to win this


New sticks by the 12th or I ain’t going.


fucking damnit! why on sat? fml


come after work and drink with us :lovin:


Will be there! 3 S For Life.


I’ll be running a CvS2 side tournament. Hopefully A2 will still be set-up so I can run a tourney for that…:nunchuck:

$1 Entry; Double Elimination!


shit im down for a2