wow, what a great night. to be honest i didn’t have much expectations for tonight but i really haven’t had this much fun at denjin since cali regionals. to those who did not come, you guys missed out on not only a celebration for denjin arcade but a celebration for humanity and homosexuality.

here are the results:

1.) Pyrolee
2.) Louie (!!!)
3.) 5star
3.) Amir

3rd STRIKE (32 entrants)
1.) Amir (CH)
2.) Pyrolee (YU)
3.) 5Star (KE)
4.) Gootecks (UR)
5.) Vinny (KE)
5.) Ty (AL)
7.) Bean (YU)

SF4 2v2 (32 teams)
1.) “Talk to Me” - Tatsu (VE) / Bryant (BA)
2.) “Jungle Dick” - Joe Dubbs (ZA) / Ironfist (SA)
3.) “Psycho Flame” - UTJ (DH) / Vic the Slick (BI)
4.) ShglBMX (BL) / Vicious (RU)
5.) Ty (KE) / Busta (VI)
5.) “Cashpit” - Kilomax / Anthony
7.) “ROTB” - Coffee / Wicked
7.) “Milf Habibs”- Ume (RY) / Sherry (VI)

CvS2 (24 entrants)
1.) Hail and Kill
2.) Sanchez
3.) Joe Dubbs
4.) Muffin Man
5.) Amir
5.) Forti
7.) Anthony
7.) JC

ALPHA 2 (16 entrants)
1.) Law
2.) Forti
3.) Amir

some highlights:

  • 5star bringing in birthday cupcakes
  • me getting cupcaked in the face (my 5th birthday this week)
  • me cupcaking ironfist in the face (also his birthday)
  • me getting double perfected by tom c’s necro
  • me guessing right two times in a row for matt’s random character select
  • pherai sucking off louie and ryan in the car for crystal meth
  • pherai, after sucking off louie and ryan, realized that they didn’t really carry crystal meth so he finished them off anyway for free.
  • pherai giggling and smiling while man juice is oozing off his sunglasses and cowboy hat.


HD Remix Results

  1. DGV (Dark Gaiden) (Ryu)
  2. EA Megaman (Honda/Boxer)
  3. Antonio Diaz (BlueTallCans) (Blanka)
  4. UltraDavid (Honda/Dictator)
  5. Aqua Snake (Fei Long)
  6. SweetJohnnyV (Dhalsim)
  7. Wicked (Honda)
  8. Moocus (Fei Long/Boxer)
  9. LGZ Makaveli (Honda/Ryu)
  10. Plague (Blanka)
  11. Uh Ooh (Random Select)
  12. Amir (Ryu)
  13. Dae (Zangief)
  14. Sanchez (Ken/Claw)
  15. Jeff (Random Select)
  16. Cesar (MonGoloRoboKop) (Sagat/Chun Li)

I posted these originally in the following thread. Videos coming soon!

Videos are up!

haha. had an amazing time! happy bday denjin, beans, and ironfist =]

btw our team name was supposed to be milf habibs lol

Law=Lawrence (a.k.a. FFA Lives!)

Thanks to JR, JC, Forti, Ultradavid, and Sanchez (fervor) for helping with the tournaments. Can’t thank you guys enough (:lovin:JR)!

Dae: I will practice up for the next gay chicken tournament… be afraid:nunchuck:
Matt: You are the only man who truly understands SFIV. Much love!
Lawrence: Can’t believe you made it out to denjin, got a wildcard spot in A2 (replacing Pherai), and took the tournament. Dam.
Denjin: Happy Birthday!
Dae/Bean: I can’t apologize enough for the mix-ups in the bracket. I’ll make it up to you guys very soon.
Pherai: Thanks for making this happen!

Coming soon: CvS2, Alpha 2, 3rd Strike, MvC2, and ST tournament in mid-late October!

Edit: <3 Bean


nice meeting and playing everyone. good shit to tatsu and bryant(team “talk to me”), a well deserved win =)

good shit tatsubryant!

and a big shoutout to denjin! hopefully the first of plenty birthdays.

Tatsu and Bryant with the win! Tatsu why do you pick the most broken character in the game?? Vega is too good and you know it! Bryant, 1 2 3 4 talk to me! Good stuff!

Beauty and skill, Tatsu is in a class of his own

Gratz to Tatsu and Bryant

Happy bday Denjin! I got double perfected by Ironfist :slight_smile: I must improve my Zangief.

aaahahaha good shit everybody! crazy good shit to tatsu and bryant.
It was rad meeting Vic the slick, Pherai and Tatsu and anybody else I got aquainted with.
Sorry we didn’t bring enough party hats! teen idol, no drinks and i came with like six and they got pretty spread around. i know i broke like one tho when I tried to wrap it around my waist and wear it like a codpiece. epic codpiece.
no idea where those noisemakers ended up either.
well good times, I hope to meet more of you guys soon!
I love you teen idol, no drinks aka llnd aka 7upyours aka carlos and yozeff.

no homo.

ok a little homo.


Great games guys! I did terrible in 4 again, but oh well, they were actually productive losses, remembered a few things I need to start doing again. Sorry to my teammate Chris for not doing better heh. Good seeing everyone.

Congratulations Bryantsu! You both have redeemed yourselves in my eyes…

wow this tournament was great! to be honest i didnt expect so many people to come out. thank you to all that came out. and if you didnt. FUCK YOU, j/k but you missed out on an awesome night.

shout outs:
denjin - happy birthday!
bryant/tatsu - good FUCKING shit. i knew you guys would take it once i heard you were coming.
UTJ/Vic - good games guys. didnt do good against vic but hey cant win em all. and utj, i LOVE that match up whether i win or lose. its my favorite one to play. we need to play more!!! i can never count you out though, its always a good game when we have played.
ume/sherry - gg’s man. you guys did good. top 8!!!
ty - OCV ty.
everyone that got yelled at - my apologize :slight_smile:
thanks to everyone that helped me run sf4 when i had to play or somethin. Tingboy and Dae, (dont think anyone else did?) but yeah thanks!
to everyone, wish we could’ve talked or hung out more. great seeing everyone again and cant wait for the next tournament!

?(??? )

Happy birthday to Denjin!

Good shit to everyone we played.

Tatsu: Revenge tastes good.


big shoutouts to Splendid for tearing it up in SF4

condolences to Jon for not getting a cupcake

ggs to everyone in 3S! looks like i still have to grind really hard at SVGL to compete down here.

  • Alex the pink Makoto player

good games to all the peeps i played.wish i would have done one match better to atleast oh well
shout outs to
pherai: good seein u man (this is gonna apply to every1 i shout out cuz its been awhile) and get some more alife pumps!
busta: for tryin to yell…not quite dae…aha bt thanks for runnin the brackets
dae!: js for showin up
plague: damn man…rush next time!
and js to denjin cuz it will be missed…movin to utah at the end of the month…lame…
guess ill see some of u online

5th 3s? Of course. 5th sf4? OF COURSE. Fun time.