Denjin Arcade 3s and SF4 Ranbat S1 Warm Up

3rd Strike was 3v3 teams (TOP 4 WAS RECORDED) (10 teams)

  1. Tom (IB) / Mason (AL) / Amir (CH)
  2. Dae (YA) / Renic (AL) / 5 Star (KE)
    (Tie) 3. Black Pyro (YU) / Vic (DU) / Gootecks (UR)
    (Tie) 3. Pherai (GO) / MikeZ (MA) / Joey aka “The Boss” (KE)

SF4 (singles single elimination) (35 entrants)

  1. Black Pyro (AB)
  2. Jeremy (RU)
    (Tie) 3. Shogo (BL)
    (Tie) 3. Joey aka “The Boss” (ZA)
    (Tie) 5. Santos (CV)
    (Tie) 5. Justin
    (Tie) 7. Dae (CH)
    (Tie) 7. Gootecks (BA)

GREAT turnout everyone. It was cool to see so many new faces for SF4. To those of you who were disappointed with your performance, next week is when the Ranbats officially start, and we’ll have double elimination to give you another chance to prove yourself. Practice up guys!

I’d like to pop in here and say congrats to Shogo for not only running a fine establishment but for schoolin you fools after you all said he wasn’t much of a pro player on the denjin podcast. :nono:

Surprising results for SF4! Lots of people leveling up like crazy lately.

good shit guys. what a surprise. ill make it out for the next ranbat for sure. sorry i couldnt stay :confused:

sorry team some times I’m a choke artist.

The guy that got second is my friend. Ninja’s a beast! Lol.

way to go Santos!
way to go Mason for being the superior alex!
sorry i couldn’t be there, i love Denjin Arcade!

is that Pyro lee? he’s back??

Dae, that Chun-Li is damn solid. The poke pressure was too much for me.
Jeremy you had my ass! That rufus owns me for free.
As always, gg’s Gootecks. I’ll get around those throws one day. Sorry I couldn’t clutch out in 3s. :sad:

GGs to everybody in sf4 and 3s!

No. He’s a different person.

Black Pryo, You have one damn solid Abel. Hope you Codi, you also have a solid blanka, and Jeremy, Rufus got better than last time we faced, come down to Denjin sometimes again so we all can play on lagless, spikeless, console-free :V SF4. Good shit on making first. Next time, Keep the Bucket!


Lots of fun guys
gonna have to level up for next time!!

Thanks. We’ll see you guys at the next ranbat.

I’ll definitely keep the bucket! :rofl::rofl: