DENJIN ARCADE 3s/Marvel3 Tournament 3/11


[]Singles, 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination
]3$ to Enter
[*]70/30 Pot Split

Marvel vs Capcom 3

[]Singles, 2/3 Matches, Double Elimination
]7$ to Enter, 2$ covers console fee, rest goes to pot
[*]70/20/10 Pot Split

Hope to see you there :smokin::smokin::smokin:


Looking forward to getting my fOu jacket. Put G.Dragon on the jacket in advance for me.


BTRX fighting


busta vs siege, grand finals
no trish/dog allowed!

gogogo friday!


is it coo if we run a ssf4 tourney? we’ll bring a setup since the ones there prolly being used for marvel right?


Interesting, I think I can go. What time does it start and what system we’ll be using for MvC3?


7pm i believe


7pm start time and mvc3 will be on ps3


We have ps3 and XboX for mvc3


Yeah sorry, starts at 7 PM. Also if you are coming for Marvel3, please BYOC if you can. We do have house sticks, but the tournament will run quicker if people have their own sticks too.

ahahahaha give me one of your tix to KMF and we have a deal!


fuuuu i want to go but it might be too expensive for me now since i have to save money for france :confused:


Okay. I’ll make it there for sure, but not too long.



come support your local arcade scene


SSF4 Tourney XBOX! BYOC GO! Go! GO!


candlelight vigil will be held for japan tonight