DENJIN ARCADE 3s/MvC3 Tournament 3/11


  1. Vinny (KE)
  2. NG Marc (UR)
  3. Pherai (GO)
  4. Pyrolee (YU)


  1. Tronzilla
  2. Carlos
  3. G Dragon

Don’t know Marvel 3 characters or rest of top 8 for either game.

NG = New God

thanks to everyone who came out; sorry for any difficulties during the tournament

Good shit to all who played. 3S is still not dead.

How many entries for 3s?


Also I meant that TOP got 3rd place in 3s :nono::nono::wasted::wasted::clapdos::clapdos:

GD&TOP is the ultimate combo! Both getting 3rd because 3 is the best number :slight_smile:

we got so [media=youtube]N1M0UKcq8ro"[/media] up in the brackets. :cool::cool:

Sup Pherai, Matt, Durlath? I should have came out there with Indy. I’m regretting staying home. Any vids?

Good Shit. But Vinnys Free?

yo son why don’t you make another trip down here and prove it :clapdos:

Dog gas prices our crazy lol. Make another big event happen and I will try to make it out. 3rd is still life.

No vids unfortunately.

And we’re trying to plan something!