Denjin Arcade Bi-weekly TvC Ranbats Week 1 Results

  1. RoyalFlushTZ
  2. Carlos
  3. Warren
  4. Hellfromabove
  5. Tronzilla666

Thanks for all that came out. See you guys at the next ranbat, hopefully more will make it. Vids will be posted at soon.

-Tha Hindu

Videos are posted now. A few more coming later today.

Finals will be on my site tomorrow.


Thanks to Hellfromabove for running the tourney and putting more names on market for consideration for the EVO TvC invitational.

Good games to all, especially ll.nd for fighting through those two 3 our of 5 sets in finals!

Thanks to The Game II for recording vids. I’m very eager to see those finals vids!!!

I hope to see some more people next time. This is just the beginning and I know we’ll be seeing some new faces as the tournaments progress.

Good stuff, got a lot of things to learn. Need to find people with to practice around here haha. Hopefully more show up next time

GCII: Where are those finals vids?