Hello everyone

I just opened a new arcade called Denjin Arcade in Simi Valley.

The address is:

995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Our hours are:

Sunday - Wednesday: 10am - Midnight

Thursday - Saturday: 10am - 1am

Hope to see you soon! :wink:

Oh, you will. Youuu willlll.

I’d like to see some of the pics Chan took tonight. ggs everyone. Kuroda dvd!

Congrats Shogo and Bagrat
The place is awesome.
YAY for random 2’s and 3’s teams. Free tournaments definitely will bring bigger crowds.
Who cares about making money its about the comp and having fun.

for the randoms. please learn how to play and don’t mash and break the sticks thx



Sherwin and Chan win the 2on2 tonight beating Ty and Me in the finals.

Ultradavid with the super upset over Vic.

Vic, Eric, Ultradavid win the first 3on3.

LOL!!! One game owns you :woot:

fun fun good times

good times good games

Sweet, congrats Shogo!

Love the arcade Shogo!

Edit: GGs to Mike Z, Render, and Render’s friend. I’ve got too much to learn -_-;

mike Z the potemkin player?

or someone else.

if so , I have to hit this place up asap for some serious GG comp lol

Actually it’s the other Mike Z. The Order Sol player.

Can’t wait to hit this place up! Shogo, do you still have the Vampire machine?

yar :wink:


What games are there?

i hope one day to make the trek out to your arcade shogo (it’s a hella drive though) but i wish you the best of luck. glad to hear it’s going well.

someone post pics of the place!

If you ever wanna carpool let me know. I’m pretty close by.

Ya shogo, i dont know if this is going to be your main thread for your aracde but if you could post what games you have there that would be great. Would entice people from out of town to go without having to go not knowing if their game might be there or what have you. Thanks, and grats on the place.

A huge congratulations to you, Rich. I’m glad you finally overcame all of the bullshit and finally got it open and running. Then next time i’m in california, i will be spending my time at denjin arcade! Good work and good luck! :tup: