Denjin Arcade - Karnov's Revenge and Cig Olympics


this is the thread for the real competition at Denjin

karnov’s tier list courtesy of 4y3paragon:

play ray if u want to win
play karnov if u want to be a annoying
play lee if u want to be cheap
play jean if u want to turtle
play ryoko if u want to lose

there are currently talks of random tournaments so stay tuned

the cig olympics are currently comprised of 5 events that take place in the smoking alley behind denjin:

  1. closest to the corner
  2. distance from the line
  3. closest to the wall
  4. distance through the fence
    final event: closest to the pillar

(diagrams to be posted by bagrat later)

current committee for the cig olympics:
vinny - fired

current champion:

shit is getting serious


I approve of this thread.


This is no joke . MOV & 5 star approved

Karnov’s Revenge - [media=youtube]Uov50gD52Jc[/media]




Wait, I won the cig tourney on Saturday.

Oh, and KARNOV!!!


I thought the ultimate event is stuck in the spiderwebs


once again bullshit bagrat is a newcomer im og


4y3, why didn’t i see you playing karnov this weekend?

jean also has meaty hundred hands, l.short, hundred hands, sweep, i think it does like over 60% damage so if you stun them, it’s over

zazzie also has that same combo, but it’s meaty hundred hands, l.short, hundred hands, s.short, short.ducking, fire punch


this event was ruled impossible by the committee

it will remain an exhibition event for the foolhardy




you tarnish the committee with your cig bumming habits


The fuck is this?


one day i will become ceo by buying 3 cartons for denjin corp.


You’ve probably bummed 3 cartons off of me alone.


It’s nice that people have interest in FHD at Denjin. I’ll have to stop by and get some matches in sometime. I want to play MOV though see if my Clown is on pare with his Lee.


ur clown would get DESTROYEDDD. but ur a little too late for that now.


we should have an official event this weekend sometime



sick intro


i claim to be the best ray at denjin. beat me for the title bitches!


Bagrat please fix the sound