DENJIN ARCADE One Year Anniversary : HD Remix Results

Yay DENJIN! That place is so much fun, so much good comp. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :lovin:

Here are the results of the HD Remix tournament. We had 16 participants, and very good competition. Lots of people really, really stepped up their game since the RanBats – especially RoTb Plague, RoTb Wicked & Moocus – good shit guys, keep it up. Vintage, you have to play next time you show up – no exceptions!

Thanks again to Shogo & Bagrat for letting us host HD Remix there!

  1. DGV (Dark Gaiden) (Ryu)
  2. EA Megaman (Honda/Boxer)
  3. Antonio Diaz (BlueTallCans) (Blanka)
  4. UltraDavid (Honda/Dictator)
  5. Aqua Snake (Fei Long)
  6. SweetJohnnyV (Dhalsim)
  7. Wicked (Honda)
  8. Moocus (Fei Long/Boxer)
  9. LGZ Makaveli (Honda/Ryu)
  10. Plague (Blanka)
  11. Uh Ooh (Random Select)
  12. Amir (Ryu)
  13. Dae (Zangief)
  14. Sanchez (Ken/Claw)
  15. Jeff (Random Select)
  16. Cesar (MonGoloRoboKop) (Sagat/Chun Li)

I’ll post the bracket and videos soon - it takes forever to upload 2.5 gigs of matches. Plus I recorded a ton of matches between DGV and Aqua Snake and I’m planning on cutting together some Ryu/Fei Long videos to go with the Honda/Fei Long videos.

Ok, time for sleep! VGGS everyone!

EDIT: Videos are up, enjoy!

That was a fun tourney!

Got some great footage, and I had no clue Amir signed up for it. I remember him from the Denjin 3rd strike Ranbat videos back in the day, so it was cool to see him participate.

That was a ton of matches with DGV than I ever had so it definately helped me with that Ryu matchup. I’m gunning for Choi next time! I’ll have my revenge!!! :crybaby:

GG’s to all I played during the tourney and casuals. I’ll get Ultradavid someday too! :smokin:

And thanks to Megaman and SweetJV for bringing their setup and recording matches! I’m glad I came!

Three Hondas in a row. Fuck my life! :frowning:

Great games, guys, nice seeing the guys I know and nice meeting the guys I met! As always, thanks for bringing your setup Pete and JV.

ultra david is beast.

good shit antonio for making it out.

i want my fei to be like aqua’s.

dgv you guys are way chill.

sweetjv used mind control to make me play like shit against his sim.

i still hate sf4.

dgv is too godlike

ggs y’all~

Dude, way to show up all big pimpin’ style after work last night! I wouldn’t have been the same without you playing!

For sure! And thanks for the suggestion to “blind pick - no Honda” in our match. It was fun and all the other alternatives would have been double ghey. :smile:

Dude, seriously, I hear ya. You did great though, defeating two out of three. Great seeing you again man!

LOL! Ya, I felt for ya man. Glad you came!

No problem. Too bad we didn’t get any games goin. But I’m sure we’ll play soon anyway. :smile:

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

The vids are posted! Enjoy!

i loved the tournie :slight_smile: i love sf2 hdr… <3 oh and i LOVE sf3 3s :slight_smile:

Good fucking shit, Pete.

2 random selects? What is this world coming to!

Gracias sir!


I swear to god I’m going to drive down for the next one >:|

Why haven’t portals been created yet? Stupid scientists…

Dude, you’re telling me. :xeye:

Good shit guys, I wish I could go out there sometime and play you all again.

Come on down! It’d be awesome if you guys showed up! :tup:

I just don’t remember ever playing HDR (or Blanka, for that matter). Bwahahahahaha. Seriously, some people from thought I was playing HDR. I couldn’t resist making this post. :cool:


You should dude, it would be awesome to have you come out.

Haha, ya, that is RoTB Plague! My bad! I should have known there’d be more than one plague infesting SRK.

You should play HDR though, it’s a fun game.

should have been listed as walking/flying/crawling plague.