DENJIN ARCADE presents : Fight for the Future Cup! 3s 5on5 10/24

We’re kicking off the fall season right with a 3s spectacular. If you’re a true 3s fan and haven’t been able to make it to a tournament in a while, this is your time to come out and prove it! This tournament is being run strictly by 3s players, for 3s players. 3s will live as long as we fight for it! Fight for the future!!


Denjin 3s Player Meet and Greet! - 3PM

Get together for casuals, cigarettes, and to bullshit with some of socals most (in)famous 3s players from past and present! We’ll also be doing sign ups at this time.

3s Request Battles - 5PM

Based on requests, we will be running 8 “Request Battles.” If there are any matches you would like to see among the top SoCal area 3s players, this is your opportunity to have them occur and recorded. We will be trying to gather many of the strong players from the SoCal 3s scene past and present.

Make your requests in this thread.

Request Battles Decided!!

Vinny Marano (KE) vs Bean (YU)
Two up and comers at Denjin and both students of 5 Star. Vinny is known for a wild style Ken with excellent execution while Bean is known for his extremely technical Yun!

Joe “JUNGLE DICK” Dubbs (KE) vs Kai (CH)
Joe Dubbs is the secret weapon of Denjin Arcade, being the inventor and sole practitioner of “Jungle Strike”, a style that must be seen to be understood. Kai may be a strong counter with his uber safe Chun Li.

Victoly (DU) vs Pyrolee (YU)
Two old school FFA powerhouses clash in a nostalgic battle!

JR RODRIGUEZ (GO) vs Gootecks (UR)
This is it! The battle everyone has been waiting for! CASKET MATCH!

Sextaro (MA) vs Renic (AL)
Renic aka Captain America takes on a familiar foe in former American SBO qualifier Sextaro and if history is any indicator from previous matchups of these two, it will be a very close, hard hitting match!

Victoly (DU) vs 5 Star (KE)
The original Denjin Arcade rivalry!

Amir (CH) vs Pyrolee (YU)
Arguably the most important matchup in American 3s. These two players have driven eachother constantly to higher and higher levels of play, so this match is guaranteed to be intense!

MattxChin (KE) vs Ray Ramos (DU)
Number 1 Chu-pan Jinrai vs Number 1 Ducking super!

  • Intermission (go get dinner) - 6PM -

Main Event 5 on 5 - 7PM

Pokemon format
Duplicate characters are allowed on a team
Single Elimination
Judgment is in play
500 Per player / 2500 per team

Prize will be a free copy of winners choice of copy of Kuroda DVD, Coop Cup 7 DVD, or DVD of this event (Subject to change based on quantities).

100% of fees are being collected for a fund to fly out Japanese players for a bigger Denjin event slated early next year. If the event is unable to take place, the winners of the event will receive 100% of the entry fees at a later date.

Fight for the Future DVD

All matches from the 5 on 5, and all Request Battle matches will be captured and used to make a DVD to immortalize the event.

Post in this thread when you have your team, or are looking for a team!

*** One last note : We will not be allowing any side tournaments on this day. The focus is 3s ***

Current Teams:

  1. Team Free-4-All

  2. freestar is still free

LetBloodRun aka AUR
— to be determined

    bean (YU)
    tenren (IB)
    surewin (DU)
    amir (CH)
    5star (KE)

This is the real deal Holyfield. If you love 3rd Strike, this is where you need to be on this date.

VinnyYouJerk (11:53:38 PM): just wait until the 5v5 when i start playing 25% ken
VinnyYouJerk (11:53:42 PM): this has all been 10%
VinnyYouJerk (11:53:51 PM): MOV
odangitsyiwan g (11:54:33 PM): you will lose
odangitsyiwan g (11:54:35 PM): always
VinnyYouJerk (11:54:50 PM): never
VinnyYouJerk (11:54:56 PM): you just wont understand
VinnyYouJerk (11:54:58 PM): i hate you
VinnyYouJerk (11:55:01 PM): im going back to japan
odangitsyiwan g (11:55:18 PM): you are
odangitsyiwan g (11:55:20 PM): 0 for life
odangitsyiwan g (11:55:21 PM): against me in tournament
climbtheladder (11:55:36 PM) has left the room.
VinnyYouJerk (11:55:42 PM): i am 100% winning this tournament

its time to get serious

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i play 3s because i don’t want to get laid. ps: i’m gay.

Might drive down for this, seems too epic!! I don’t even know 5 people to compete but I’m down for casuals, any chance for fun side tournaments… like all Ken for example?

Yang~ Yang~ Yang~

no most likely not…but there will be plenty of casuals. strongest ken cup will come at a diff time.

This is what the world needs right now. SERIOUS 3s tournies w/ SERIOUS 3s players. Im game for this! This tourny means more to me than winning 3s at evo. GL and cant wait to see u all. <3

My favorite thing to fight for is the FUTURE

Fuck yes. I will be back in time for this.

let’s see if Team UCSD will happen… we’re kinda slim on people.
thanks to Yi for posting about this in the dead UCSD 3S forum. x]

  • Alex

Can we get an all Urien team going

K ill be the black urien

i challenge bean

to hugs

am i allowed to participate in this? =x
i really wanna play 3s…

anyone from san diego drivin to this?

See you all there. Who needs a team? Dae, Steve, Joey?

Only if you…

Then yes!


wii would like to play