DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.2 3s and SF4 4/11 RESULTS

3s (36 Entrants)

  1. Yi (Ken)
  2. Gootecks (Urien)
  3. Ty (Alex)
  4. Vinny (Ken)
  5. Amir (Chun-li)
  6. Ken-I (Makoto)
  7. Kai (Chun-li)
  8. Joe Dubbs (Yun)

SF4 (48 Entrants)

  1. Ken-I (Rufus)
  2. UltraDavid (Dhalsim, Zangief)
  3. IronFist (Sagat)
  4. Kai (El Fuerte)
  5. Gootecks (Boxer)
  6. Amir (Ken, Ryu)
  7. Dae (Chun-li)
  8. Tatsu (Claw)

Current 3s Standing:

  1. 5 Star 17
  2. Sextaro 12
  3. Amir 7
  4. Gootecks 7
  5. Vinny 6
  6. Renic 6
  7. ericxchin 2
  8. Tom C 2
  9. Joe Dubbs 1
  10. Kai 1
  11. Let Blood Run 1

Current SF4 Standing:

  1. Sextaro 15
  2. Ed Ma 10
  3. Gootecks 9
  4. UltraDavid 7
  5. IronFist 5
  6. Kai 3
  7. CSB 3
  8. Joey aka “The BOSS” 2
  9. Mike Ross 2
  10. Amir 2
  11. Tatsu 1
  12. Art 1
  13. Bustabust 1
  14. Dae 1


Special Thanks to pherai, Yi, TingBoy, MisterBean, and BustaBust for helping running the tournament!

Thank you all for coming out to Denjin, I know its really tough for all of you to drive so far, but we all appreciate it a lot! We got to keep the scene alive EVERYONE!

HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! See you all at 1.3!

Also a special Thank You by the owner of Denjin, Bagrat aka Echoes, for everyone that took their time to come out and give their support.

Ken-I won 2 tournaments in one day at two different arcades…has this been done before?

haha gj kai lovin that el fuerte play



Wow good shit Ken, also nice to see Ultradavid getting 2nd.

thanks so much to everyone who rushed over from mt sac. great tournament, great times, great friends :lovin:

fuck i still havent slept

Thank you shogo for throwing the tournament.
Also shout outs to my boys bean, busta, dae, yi, and pherai for running the tournaments.
Thank you Chris for Driving me out there :lol:
Luis for getting me that beer
Thomas for helping me out during my match, even though i loss, it’s the thought that counts!

SO happy i could make it to this, i don’t get to go to many denjin tournaments, but i’m stoked to make it out.

Good friends, Good times, Good game… (except sf4:lovin:)

p.s. On another note, Pulsr, Chris and I came to the conclusion that Denjin Players are alot nicer/down to earth ppl than most arcades… Always made me feel at home when i show up.

Had a sick time, great games guys! Stoked to see you all again, it’s been a while. Thanks for running the tournaments, Dae, Caesar, and Jon, you guys are awesome. Also, thanks to SJV and Pete for bringing the Remix setup, we need to get more action in on that game.

/me practices Zangief green hand combos

Wow! good shit dave! Did the East Coast sojourn reawaken the beast?

Who did you win over to get to 2nd?

Um, among others, Vinny’s Rufus, Bustabust’s Abel, Amir’s Ryu, and Ironfist’s Sagat.

gs ironfist

Good games to everyone! Shoutouts to everyone I met or talked to last night; I look forward to playing and talking with you all more in the future.

good shit to everyone who placed. glad to see so many ppl come out again. good to see you again david!! good job on 2nd too. shoutouts to bebop,luka,tingboy,david,shgl,bryant,tatsu, everyone. its always fun hanging out with you guys :slight_smile:

Good shit everyone! I tried to get as much video as I could, but ended up running out of memory at inopportune times…
Anyway I got pretty much all of the SF4 Grand Finals match between Ken I and UltraDavid, save for a couple times where I had to delete other things on the fly, so I might have missed the first poke or two in a couple games.



Shout-Outz to Lord Bagrat for being the most pimp nigga on the face of da earph.

It feels great to fall in love with 3s all over again. Thank you to everyone at Denjin for keeping the scene alive and strong. :lovin:

GGs to everyone that I played and good stuff on seeing everyone again!: Bebop, Shgl, Bryant, Tatsu, SJV, MegamanPete, Amir, Thomas, LBR, Plague, Fulgore, Cesar, Tingboy, EVERYONE! Hope to see you all at the next tournament of any :slight_smile:

I love denjin, i love everyone there, nice to see all you guys. See you in 2 weeks!



i <3 ironfist

Ken I is my hero! 2 tournaments in a row!! Ironfist has leveled up so much Wish I coulda made it down.