DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.2 3s and SF4 4/11

We had a great showing at 1.1, so lets make this one even bigger! The current points totals are…

1 Sextaro 10
2 5 Star 7
3 Amir 5
4 Vinny 3
5 ericxchin 2
5 Tom C 2
7 let blood run 1
7 renic 1

1 Ed Ma 10
2 Gootecks 7
3 Sextaro 5
4 CSB 3
5 Joey aka “The BOSS” 2
5 Mike Ross 2
7 Art 1
7 Bustabust 1

SF4 and 3s Rules
]Best of 3 games
[]Double Elimination
]For 3s, Judgment is in play :arazz:

For SF4
Sign ups at 4 PM, Tournament begins at 5 PM
For 3s
Sign ups at 6 PM, Tournament begins at 7 PM
$5 Entry

50% of entry fees are donated to sponsor the SBO qualified teams at Denjin Arcade.


If you are not going to be within a distance where you can hear Dae’s voice for longer than a smoke break, notify the person running the brackets or you will be DQ’d. We’ve had too many problems with people going for food mid tournament without letting anyone know and it stalls the tournament for everyone. Don’t be mad at us if it happens to you. You’ve been warned!!

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 East Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063

see you guys there. friday night hopefully. :smokin:

see you all there

so hype, i hope i won’t choke and hit confirm into whiffed shoryus like last time.

woo! hmm is there any chance we can start sf4 just a little bit earlier? it seems like we are gonna get more players this time (i have a feeling) and damn it ran til like 1 or some shit last time. if not w/e its cool im still down. oh and why only 50% donated towards it? i thought it was all.

No one wants to get nothing out a of tournament if they win :V

You know the Santa Maria Crew will be there!!! better be ready DAE!!! RAWR!!!

oh and pherai i got the shirt son!!!


What’s crackin’ Busta! There’s a tourney going on at MT Sac the same day, and some of us are planning on going to Denjin right after it. Given that it takes like 2 days to get to Denjin, I think 5pm would be better.

Tell Shogo I’ll bring him some Drumsticks so we can all be happy. =)

hey yooooooo~~~~

this is for anybody who wants to go from Lancaster/Palmdale/Antelope Valley area.

assuming my family doesnt intervene on account of it being easter weekend, if u wanna ride feel free to send me a PM.

oh nice man. we will have to team someday and wear them together like nerds

You know I’ll be there, along with Jeesup and Tom C.

see you guys there

Ah weakness, easter weekend won’t be able 2 make this one. So dae I won’t get my revenge on you js yet, and ceaser, you’ll have to wait to try out my honda again!

i’m a licensed pastor. i will be holding easter sermon at 12:01 AM sunday @ the back alley of denjin. korean ministry sermon will be held directly after at 1 AM.

^ sick avatar

oh thats great! now if only there was some sort of easter egg hunt for my niece and nephew and i would be there forsure!!!
and yes you three…very sick av!

for sf4 do you use the arcade versions? or are console characters allowed?

its on arcade so no console characters.

Lame :frowning: well have fun man!!!

And pherai yea one day we will like nerds… sexy nerds none the less:lovin: