DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.3 3s and SF4 4/26 RESULTS


  1. 5 Star (Ken)
  2. Vinny (Ken)
  3. Bebop (Oro)
  4. let blood run (Urien)
  5. misterbean (Yun)
  6. Renic (Alex)
  7. Sanchez (Alex)
  8. Rob Greco (Chun-Li)


  1. Sin (Rufus)
  2. Art (E Honda)
  3. Ironfist (Sagat)
  4. Bebop (Vega)
  5. Bustabust (Abel)
  6. CSB (Balrog)
  7. misterbean (Ryu)
  8. Jeremy (Rufus)

Current 3s Standing:

  1. 5 Star 27
  2. Vinny 13
  3. Sextaro 12
  4. Renic 8
  5. Amir 7
  6. Gootecks 7
  7. Bebop 5
  8. let blood run 4
  9. ericxchin 2
  10. Tom C 2
  11. misterbean 2
  12. Joe Dubbs 1
  13. Kai 1
  14. Sanchez 1
  15. Rob Greco 1

Current SF4 Standing:

  1. Sextaro 15
  2. Ed Ma 10
  3. Sin 10
  4. Ironfist 10
  5. Gootecks 9
  6. Art 8
  7. UltraDavid 7
  8. CSB 5
  9. Kai 3
  10. Bebop 3
  11. Bustabust 3
  12. Joey aka “The BOSS” 2
  13. Mike Ross 2
  14. Amir 2
  15. Tatsu 1
  16. Dae 1
  17. misterbean 1
  18. Jeremy 1

Good turnout for a sunday but future Denjin Ranbats will go back to Saturday.


Thank you to Bustabust for handling shit early on. Thanks to 5 Star, Dae, Ironfist, misterbean for helping with brackets (did I miss anyone?). Special thank you to Scott for recording top 8!!! Thank you to all out of towners for making the big drive on a sunday. THANK YOU TO ART FOR THE ICE CREAM :clapdos::party::clapdos:

Also I’d like to personally apologize for messing up the times for SF4 signups. I forgot what time Denjin opens (never come in the morning). It won’t happen again.

its ok pherai i still love you man i wore the shirt!!!

Who cares about those games, I wanna know what happened with Remix!

Good job to all the placers. Sorry I had to leave early and not even enter 4, had to go play some hockey.

Jeremy got 7th. That’s my BFF! No lie.

who is this SIN fellow?

BOOM!!! its the YJDK crew all up in yo ass denjin!! thats who sin is! gj bro and gj to yi for 3s.

You’re welcome, homie! Drumsticks rule.

GG’s to all that played today. It was hella fun.

good games to everyone today/tonight! ugh my hunger was getting to me. only thing i ate today/yesterday was teh burger from the bbq yesterday at alberts. kudos for that! haha. this shit was fun. anyways shoutouts:

art - good shit getting 2nd! i failed, i wasnt in the finals with you haha. cant wait to see you at a tourney again!

onlinetony - thanks for making my first game really interesting! hope to play you again some time.

all 3 rufus players during tournament - jeremy,sin,dan? fuck rufus. played all of you (if im correct only 3 of them) lost to 2 hah. gg’s guys but seriously fuck rufus :stuck_out_tongue: fun matches between you guys. my hunger got to me during sin’s match but meh i lost, it happens. oh and congrats on the win sin! you should come down to denjin more, first time playing with you and i would definitely liek to get some games in.

bebop/sanchez/mike ross/kai - thanks for coming. definitely awesome to see you guys again. sorry ross about not telling you about the 1 character rule. it was getting pretty hectic. my bads. kai “remember this kai?!?!!!” cross up mk fierce command throw ftw :slight_smile:

uh ooh - gg’s man, its been a long time since we played. in the words of mike ross himself “honda sucks” lol j/k. keep ownin with honda!

oh and big thanks to bean,scott,tingboy,ironfist, and whoever helped me run the brackets. shit was intense and i had to take a break from it. thanks james for immediately taking the brackets when i needed a break and getting things done super fast for me when i said i might have to forfeit since i had to leave at around 7. really appreciate it. also scott for coming down and getting some vids! that was too awesome, thanks for spottin that quarter :rofl:

seriously im a bit tired but it was awesome meeting up with you guys, spending some time and getting to know others! see you guys at the next ranbat!!

sunday tournaments = no good


i love the bean, YOSHHHH!
yesssss im actually ranked LOLZ -_-

CSB- gaygaygaygaygaygay our match was gaygaygaygaygay. LOL you know what i mean :wink:

BustaBust- Dude if you nailed that ultra i would’ve shit myself >_<, you’re still a great force to handle at tourneys man keep it up, even IF its Abel. lols rep that shit. [or you can just switch to ken with those wake up fierce shoryus hahah!]

Art- YOU KILLED ME WITH YOUR BACK AGAINST THE WALL WITH A JUMPING SHORT! WHATTTTT THAAAA FACKKKKK MAN! so much for my dedication win, jerk. hahaha jk thanks for the ice cream i REALLY appreciate your generocity, you truly are a great player and a great person. good luck with your classes and i hope you pass that shit. We Await Your Return…Warrior.

OnlineTony- bring a better camera lols.

JoeDubbs- DDP!

Pherai- so GDLK even when ur not even trying. sexy lockes too.

Erickson [NorCal John]- HI JOHN! BFF FOR LYFE! hahaha -_-

peace im done for tnight!

GJ to everyone. Didn’t know it started so early.

Sin coming up quick.

GJ Art top 3! :clapdos:

GJ Jeremy! In that top 8! :clapdos:

Busta I know what you mean about that Rufus matchup lol.

Jeremy: Honda vs. Rufus is 9-1…Honda!!

Wow… Art good shit



Fo SHo Busta!!:rock:
I just Didn’t Want To fight u So Early Or Any oF the Homies…
Damn Brackets…:lame:
All Fucked Up…lol
I lost My Mind Later In The Tourney…

Busta BTW: That Match Is Gonna Be On YouTube cool??

Jeremy: Shut Up:annoy:…Rechargable Batteries…(AAAAHHHH)

Art: Good Shit U Bitch nigga:pray:…U better Come Back After Ur School Work…BTW: Thanks For The Ice Cream!!!

CSB: Just Wait For my Xbox 2 Be Fixed…We Need To Play…we only played 3 games…:wasted:

Dae: Nice Meeting U man…We Need To Play More…

Mike Ross: Nice Meeting U Too man…Keep playin Honda…FUCK CHUN!!!
j/k:rofl: do what u want…but put ur mind into it…:tup:

Sanchez & Bebop: Nice Seeing U Guys Again…Hype As Always…

Who Ever I Forgot…Sorry…Its Late…I’m Tired…

Well It Was All Fun N Shit…
I’ll C Everyone Next Tourney…

Yup, I’m from NorCal and I keep up with AI & Denjin.

upload them if you want. dont need permission from me. like nike.

fuckkk that, dont remind me lolz. -_- :lame:

i lost my matches, but i had fun.

awesome stuff Art.

Good games everyone. Good shit to Sin and Yi for winning SF4 and 3s, respectively.

Why couldn’t we switch characters for SF4? That was stupid. I didn’t want to play Vega the whole way through, especially against Sin.

3s was fun. I think I’m falling in love with that game all over again. Feels good.

Good shit to Vinny for coming back for his revenge. You little shit!

highlight of the night:

So, a group of us are standing outside of Denjin, getting ready to head out, when…

Kai: blah blah blah

Sanchez: Hey, shut the fuck up for a second!


(hot girls walks by us into Denjin)

(hot girl comes back out, hand in hand with Vinny)

Group: …

Me: Vinny, you mah nigga!

Vinny: (looks back at us) Shh!

Me: Nah, Vinny, you mah nigga!

Art: Oh, I think he’s getting into that car with his family. I think that’s why he said, “shh”.

Me: … um… yea… VINNY YOU MAH NIGGA!!! :woot:

p.s. Thank you Art for the drumsticks. You’re a great man. :bgrin:

p.p.s. Scott was rockin that shirt! :wow:

Wat!? Good shit art placin w honda! Support ur fellow honda players! Aha and thanks for the tips on boxer ill try and put them to good use next time. Busta yah its been forever since I played you. Wish we cud have gotten some more in bt now ill be goin to denjin laot more so hopefully ill run into u. And yes rufus players…u suck =P yyoooosssshhh!