DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.3 HD Remix 4/26 RESULTS (HD Match Videos)

Total 12 Entrants. The whole tournament was recorded in HD, link at the end of the post. Thanks to everyone that showed up & thanks again for running these Cesar. Great to see ya again Muffin Man!

GGs everyone!

4/26 Results

  1. Sin - 10
  2. EA meGamAN - 7
  3. MonGoloRoboKop (Cesar) - 5
  4. SweetJV (SweetJohnnyV) - 3
  5. Shogo - 2
  6. Cloud - 2
  7. Abom - 1
  8. Muffin Man - 1

Current Standings

  1. MonGoloRoboKop (Cesar) - 20
  2. EA meGamAN - 17
  3. Sin - 17
  4. Amir - 12
  5. SweetJV (SweetJohnnyV) - 8
  6. UltraDavid - 5
  7. Plague - 3
  8. Dae - 3
  9. Shogo - 2
  10. Cloud - 2
  11. Moocus - 1
  12. Sanchez - 1
  13. Abom - 1
  14. Muffin Man - 1

The entire tournament was recorded in HD and the matches are all available on YouTube. The bracket attached has numbers for each match. Use these numbers when browsing the YouTube play list to find a specific match.

DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat 1.3 HD Remix 4/26 HD Video Playlist


Grand Finals were woooo :wgrin: solid

I did horrible at this one! Damn hopefully next time ill do better. Gotta practice up! & plague I’m gunnin for you the next one!

Good stuff SiN, way to rep

Thanks Syxx!

Ya, I thought those those games with Cesar and Sin were really good too. I learned a lot, that’s for sure. VGGs Sin, congrats on winning both HD and SF4!

You just dont know

Good stuff mate, awesome finals.

pff they werent that solid:coffee:… Just kidding pete Rules kinda for a white guy:lovin:

So disappointed. :shake:

If you win this ranbat overall you have to come to Season’s Beatings 4 and play me! :encore:

:rofl: You kinda rule for a RoboKop.

Thanks man!

you kan try all you want Uh oh but youll just never beat me. Im a fuckn plague a walking one at that. :smiley: jk i got worked this last ranbat :confused: but it was fun!!!

just wanna say great job to whoever
recorded these vids, awesome quality

Thanks! They were recorded with a Hauppage HD PVR and a Dell Laptop. It’s an awesome, easy way to record.