Denjin Arcade Ranbat 3.3 Results

Big thanks to everyone that came down About 24 players total.

SSF4 results -

1st - Miky (Ryu) +10 pts
2nd - Vicious (Rufus/Akuma) +7 pts
3rd - Destructive (Honda) +5 pts
4th - Galbi (Ken/Ryu) +3 pts
5th - JoontheBaboon (Ken) +2 pts
5th - DJ Divine (Chun/Rufus/Juri) +2 pts
7th - Dae (Cammy/Chun/Honda) +1 pts
7th - Coffee (Balrog) +1 pts

Current Standings

1st. Joon 19 pts
2nd. Destruct1ve - 15 pts
3rd. Miky - 10 pts
4th. Red Venom - 8 pts
5th. Vicious - 7 pts
5th. Dj Divine - 7 pts
7th. BustaBust - 5 pts
7th. Galbi - 5 pts
9th. SHBLTim - 3 pts
9th. Kilomax - 3 pts
9th. Dae - 3 pts
12th. Ivan - 2 pts
12th. Paper - 2 pts
14th. Traze - 1 pts
14th. Joe G. - 1 pt
14th. UmeShoryu - 1 pt
14th. Coffee - 1 pt

It’s Miky not Mickey! Damnit!!!

Oh shit, you took a trip down here? Congrats!

Oh waddup! Thanks. Yeah, how come you didn’t come? I never see you online anymore. :slight_smile:

I normally don’t drive out to places that take longer than an hour to get there. Though I shouldn’t be complaining if you made it out. Also takin the time to relax for my birthday that day. But yeah, i just started to get back online. Feel free to get at me whenever.

yo GGs to everyone i fought against. and big shoutouts to Fresno crew, even tho i only know Cynistar and Mikey, and Mikey:

… im definitely running that shit back next tournament. im not salty but just more determined cuz i know what i was doing wrong lol.
and next time i wont be so hungover. i promise im getting that #1 spot.

Miky*!!! Nice. I like that.