DENJIN ARCADE Ranbat S2 Warmup 9/26 3s (3v3) SF4 (Mikado 2v2)


The Denjin Ranbat season 2 is drawing near so we will be have having 1 more team tournament before the season begins.

Signups at 5 PM. Tournament starts at 7 PM
$5 Entry for both tournaments.

3s is 3v3. Pokemon format. Double Elimination.

SF4 is Mi-ka-do style 2on2. Double Elimination. 32 Player cap.

**Mi-ka-do 2on2 is...**

One player plays as a 2 person team, selecting 2 characters that they will use throughout the tournament. For example:

Player A is using Ryu and Zangief
Player B is using Viper and Sagat

Player A starts with Ryu, Player B starts with Viper
Player A loses
Player A plays Zangief against Player B's Viper
Player A's Zangief defeats Player B's Viper
Player A plays Zangief against Player B's Sagat
Player A loses
Player A is out

You may not choose 2 of the same character and you can change the order you play the characters freely throughout the tournament.

Hope to see you guys there!


sounds cool! gotta learn a second character now. omg!


I’m in =)


Zown. I’m so there.


sick i always wanted to play a mikado style tournament. i’ll def be there.


Just what I was asking you about John.

But god dammit, I’m going to Nocturnal Festival that day D:


There will also be a Connect Four side tournament if Pherai doesn’t mind.:nunchuck:


It might need to be moved due to a couple possible complications but it will happen soon regardless.


Santa Maria will be there fo sho!!!


I’m IN.




nevermind this post. sorry!


bump for denjin!


wanna team?

if not then…

anyone else interested?


^ sf4 is not actually a team tourney. mikado style. you alone are a 2 man team using 2 different characters.


oops -_- sorry didnt understand it at first
damn it theres no cammy on arcade version yet :frowning:

wanna help me with my abel now? lol!


korea #1


so its still on for the 26th right pherai?


The date is firm now. It will not be moved. It IS on the 26th. Thanks for reminding me :wink:

diva diva d-d-d-diva


i love you JesusCristo!!!