Denjin Arcade ssf4 Ranbat 3.1 TO THE DOME DAWG Results!

First off i would like to thank everyone that came out. 20 players total and majority of the players = new faces. good to see.

SSF4 results -
1st - JoontheBaboon (Ken)
2nd - Red Venom (Viper/Ryu)
3rd - BustaBust (Abel)
4th - KiloMax (Ryu/Sim)
5th - Dae (Chun/Honda)
5th - Paper (Fuerte)
7th - Traze (Balrog/Ken)
7th - Joe G. (Ryu)

Puzzle Bobble -
Didn’t happen, dont worry next ranbat THIS WILL HAPPEN and i WILL make sure it does.

Congrats to Joon for taking it, getting sent to losers by Red Venom in winners top 4 and coming back!

Current Standings
1st. JoontheBaboon - 10 pts
2nd. Red Venom - 7 pts
3rd. BustaBust - 5 pts
4th. Kilomax - 3 pts
5th. Dae - 2 pts
5th. Paper - 2 pts
7th. Traze - 1 pts
7th. Joe G. - 1 pts

Again thanks for everyone coming out, lots of new faces and i hope you come back. Future tournaments should have more entrants so play harder next time!

everyone spread the word for the next ranbat please! even if they dont play anymore (i dont play anymore but still compete for fun!) so many new faces hope everyone spreads the word to get more players, whether your a hard core gamer or just like the game come out and play!


getting 2nd at ranbats is in my blood… good shit Joon & everyone else.

Please come next time everybody I think we can do 30+ easy.

Thx Red. GG’s everyone.

Dae, I thought you stopped playing SSF4 but your Chun-Lis still good. I got lucky with that random U1.

BustaBust, your Abels the best I played so far. You play up to your name.

I’ll see you guys at 3.2

im garbage…

More like JoontheBadBoon.

This is my impression of me during every match.

:clapdos: :clapdos: :clapdos: :clapdos::cool: :cool:

This is my impression of everyone I beat.


and this is my impression of everyone else.


puzle boble results

kaz 10 pts

I hate everyone and this game~

haha good shit joon! you’ll always be my #1 ken

I had mad fun at the tourney will do my best to be there for 3.2 oh and I also used ken once just a lil FYI :slight_smile:

I like to see my 3 little nubbies up there!