Denjin Arcade Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ranbat #3 4-11-09

1st: RoyalFlush (Polymar/Ippatsuman)
2nd: ll.nd (Doronjo/Souki)
3rd: [iHate]Youthattack (a.k.a Yaris) (Ryu/Karas)
4th: RaYzYrbYrn (Karas/Ryu)
5th: Tronzilla666 (Jun/Morrigan)

Prize distribution was voted on 3:2 for Winner-take-all, but was then arbitrarily changed to 70%/30% since those who voted against winner-take-all placed at the top.

Next time, I hope we get a better turnout. Thanks to everyone for coming out to play. Be back in two weeks.

Match videos can be found here:

good shit YARIS

All match vids are live!