Denjin HDRemix RanBat 2.6 1/23/10 Winner Gets The Hat Chillie Cheese Fries!

Ok I want to apologize for not being at the last ranbat an postponing it hopefully now that the holidays are over and everyone has a little bit more cash on them they can head out to the RanBats :karate:

So yea same format like always We just have two ranbats left guys areso lets try and make these Hype and get ready for the big upcoming HDRemix tournamnets in the future.

SoCal is the place for HDRemix so Lets Get Hype!!:karate:

Tournament Format
.Will Be Run on XBox360 Bring Your Own Stick

.Akuma Banned

.Turbo 3

.Matches best of 3 Round

.If player’s can’t decide on side flip for side

.Double Elimination

Entry Fee

Tournament sign ups will begin at 5pm Tournament will begin at 6pm-6:30Pm

$5.00 A player

This Season we will be recording all the ranbat matches again and will try and commentate and make this a even more exciting than last season’s

Hope To See You Guys there!!!

PS. Here is a Link To EAMegaMans page who recorded all last seasons Ranbats

Current HD Remix Season 2.0 Standings
1.DGV-24 points
2.MonGoloRoboKop- 17 points
3.SweetJV- 14 points
4.BlueTallCans- 13 points
5.Bruce Askew- 9 points
5.Hugo101- 7 points
6.Aqua Snake- 6 points
8.Moocus- 4 points
9.RoTb Plague- 3points
10.Muffin Man- 2 points
11.EAMegaMan- 1 point
11.RoTb Coffee- 1 point
11.RoTb Wicked- 1 point

Always great to have you guys there :clapdos:


Get ready to die~

hello bluemary69

would you happen to know cesar?
he is a punk bitch
let him know


:open_mouth: Dear Shoo would you happen to know carlos?
he never comes to denjin ranbats
let him know

Love you

I’m not mexican, but I love mexican food! And I love HDR! And I love Denjin! Can’t wait to get this shit goin again :lovin::lovin::lovin:

lmao tell pete to get his ass in here!!!

And Moocus that video is hilarious and Borderlands!!!

everyone buy borderlands :party:

we’re in for some fun shit, i went in today and there was a mission to run 10 people over in the car. i’m waiting to play it with you guys though.

my ken is beast now btw :china:

So rusty. But you may have my 5$'s

Where’s megamanpb !?! I’ll fuck him up! What’s worse a ochio or a spd??!!

neither Chun’s Throw!!! is greater!!! RAWR and wait where is pete?

Yo fools!

I’ll be there! Well that is if work doesn’t force me to miss out (I did put in that I wouldnt be able to come in though) on this hot action. Sorry Cesar, I haven’t even looked into the live video equipment thing yet. I’ll make a point of it this weekend and order anything we’ll need.

And Dae, you know which throw is better. The one you can store that doesnt have a whiff!

Fuck Ochio… RAWR!!!

But thanks pete for posting im glad your gonna try and make it and let me know about the live equipment i’ll pich in or anything i can do!!!

Get hype fools! It’s RanBat time!

second on pitching in for equipment. you mentioned commentary, equipment-wise i don’t know how it’s done but i’ll help out as much as i can, just let me know.

keep this hype, foos! one more week!

i’ll let you know guys know about the equipment you available this week to talk pete?


I want to come to this so bad!

We’ll see though. If I do I’ll see if I can bring Fifth n Some Bud with me. :china:

You guys are so lucky.


I’ll still fuck everyone up~