Denjin Invades Tokyo! : An SBO blog

Hey everyone,

This year I and several other Denjin Arcade players are visiting Tokyo for SBO. We’ll be blogging the journey the whole time and you can read about it at

There are already a few posts about the journey from myself. We’ll also be having Ironfist (Socal SF4 Sagat player) and misterbean (Socal 3s Yun and SF4 Ryu/Akuma player) blogging about their experiences as they arrive in Japan. You can expect SF talk, as well as general Japan touristy stuff, like trying to get with girls, places to eat and drink, and interesting spots we hit up along the way, since I doubt anyone reading would travel to Japan 100% for SF.

If there is anything specifically you want to know about, or anything you’d like one of us to find out while we are here, post in this thread, or comment on the blog.

Nice write-ups, I’ll be following to see how the trip goes.

Show that braud who’s boss!

Hope you guys have a good trip and have fun!

Could you tell me if you ever see an X-Men vs Street Fighter cabinet, amd if anyone’s actually playing it?

Thanks Pherai:)

some pics would be pretty nice
of the arcades and clubs and stuff

Dumb question but how are the arcade prices down there? Is it that affordable that they can spend a whole day down there? The few arcades that exist around me cost an arm an a limb to play some games (like Time Crisis 3 costing $1).

Thanks man! So far no dice but I didn’t take a really close look around Mi-ka-do. I would expect it to be there if anywhere cause they have pretty much everything

Once bean arrives you can expect lots of pictures, but sadly niether me or Yuuki have a camera.

Its slightly more expensive than america but it really depends on the game. Ive mostly been playing 3s and SF4. Those games cost 50 cents but 3s, and most games, except SF4, are 3/5 rounds. I haven’t really found myself breaking the bank at arcades since I feel like I get a lot more out of the games, and I also just enjoy watching a lot of the time. What games would you like to about specifically?

Also please excuse me if I dont get to questions right away. Unfortunately computer access at the hotel Im at is expensive, so I cant get to one everyday, but Im trying to update at least a few times a week. Maybe if I can find a pc cafe Ill be able to update more often.

Thanks. I was just curious since the arcade scene down there is active.

Have a nice trip and thanks for taking your time to blog.

sure thing!

looks like the destination today is Game Versus, the new location of Game Inn Sakura!

a bunch of SRK Japan guys will be in Tokyo for SBO as well, so if you wanna hang out head over to the SRK Japan thread in Gen Disc! We’re already planning some meetups :smiley:

a video tour of mi-ka-do would be too dope.

Ill be there Friday. WAIT FOR MEEE

I definitely will. A lot of the fun over here is just meeting people

Good idea. Like I said, Im limited for equipment for the time being but Im pretty sure someone will have a camera for something like that.

Were ready man!!

Go to a games store and check out the second or third floor. It’s usually totally dedicated to Hentai and games with names like “Rape Game 2”. I’m serious. Take photos.

I see people playing it all the time at Monte Carlo…it’s in one of those like, 70 fighting games in one machines, lol.

but that’s not in Tokyo, so I guess it’s kinda irrelevant…:sweat:

Very fun read.

Looking forward to more.



EDIT: Also, I love your avatar. It would be appropriate for my physical appearence too.

I just heard a rumour that Jesus has been spotted in Japan!

I expect a lot of vids sir :cool:

fuck my life i still have 8 days til i get there!!! john please have a beer ready for me when i get there

Same. Also, I was wondering who your mains are, Pherai?