Denjin Invades Tokyo! : An SBO blog

Hey everyone,

This year I and several other Denjin Arcade players are visiting Tokyo for SBO. We’ll be blogging the journey the whole time and you can read about it at

There are already a few posts about the journey from myself. We’ll also be having Ironfist (Socal SF4 Sagat player) and misterbean (Socal 3s Yun and SF4 Ryu/Akuma player) blogging about their experiences as they arrive in Japan. You can expect SF talk, as well as general Japan touristy stuff, like trying to get with girls, places to eat and drink, and interesting spots we hit up along the way, since I doubt anyone reading would travel to Japan 100% for SF.

If there is anything specifically you want to know about, or anything you’d like one of us to find out while we are here, post in this thread, or comment on the blog.

Q for KSK. What’s happening with the Gamer’s Vision RanBats?

It’s a mission of mine that I will get to Japan for SBO one of these years, you lucky sod pherai.

I’ll be reading with interest :tup:

Oh, and will you be using twitter at all?

Edit2: I’ll put a note up on the youtube channel linking the blog.

I was meaning to talk to KSK anyway about some other matters so Ill be sure to bring that up.

You really need to come here man. I know me and all the other socal heads would love to buy you a beer for all the work youve put in.

Ive never used twitter, and since Im just sort of infrequently updating via a laptop, Im not sure Id be getting all I can out of it. Would you think its worth doing?

Please take pictures of ramen waitresses. None of which have Tom’s handprint on their ass.

itll be pretty good so you can just do immediate updates from your phone if possible, and link to your blog for more info (if anyone is even more curious about what goes down over there)

i got baited into thinking i was going but at the last min i caught a super and i cant go now :sad: i hear you trying to interview MOV

if you happen to know youre coming across him you should tell ppl to post up questions (if its ok at least) Keep it up yo :tup:

Ask about why the Q theme won’t play on the middle Denjin arcade cabinet even though it’s japanese with unblockables. If there are different versions of the original old board and only the oldest of the original boards will play the Q theme then please bring back one of those boards to Denjin. :slight_smile:

Ask Yamazaki and Easuto how they so godlike :tup:

Definitely share the food options around the various arcades, I’m guessing there’s tons of good ramen. Also, I heard awhile ago they had a Ken-only tournament…I think at gamersvision, ask KSK if they’ll be doing more character specific tourneys, and if they’ll have any video of it.

Shoutouts to C-Royd!

Get that kuroda urien DVD!!! Pherai your in japan, have fucking fun man!!!

that was A-cho for the Hikone Cup

it wasnt held at Gamersvision IIRC

Ask them if they saw Machoman recently

Why doesn’t Kuroda have a chun DVD… >.>… <.<…

tell Yuuki to find RX and just sit there and watch him for like 5 hours at min.

neil and yi, come to japan.

Video tour of Shibuya Sports Land : [media=youtube]4wtgFdafby0[/media]

Too tired to answer questions.


Good stuff! Keep it up. :tup:

Oh and LOL at courtesy loser’s bracket. :clapdos:

shibuya 109 is godlike

sports land is great. you get a chance to go to game sakura inn? it’s a got a very loyal 3rd strike clientele

Tell Vinny or Carlos to buy me the Kuroda Dudley dvd :). John, since you’re in Japan, you going to be getting some new reeboks while you’re there? haha.

blog update! including rikimaru interview (<3 haunts) @!!!

Good stuff, man. That was definitely an interesting read/watch. Rikimaru’s English is Top Tier and his sense of humor is S-Tier, lol. I was happy to hear that he briefly talked about Kuroda, but wanted to know more about how he felt about beating him at SBO (and jumping all over the stage, lol).