Denjin Mode details, tech, and discussion



Just putting this up as a repository of information on Ryu’s Denjin mode. Please add tech, setups, videos, and questions on Denjin mode here!


[] Denjin Mode is activated by using the V-Trigger command (HP+HK). V-Trigger can be cancelled into from any normal, or from the final hit of Ryu’s target combo. You can’t V-Trigger off any specials or command normals.
] Denjin Mode lasts a predetermined amount of time (around 12 seconds), although this timer is reduced by a chunk with each Hadouken you throw.
[] Hadoukens are improved in Denjin Mode. They travel considerably faster, they deal 70 damage instead of 60 and 150 stun instead of 100.
] You can also charge Hadoukens. When fully charged, Hadoukens will deal 120 damage, 300 stun, and break guard, giving you +32 advantage to go in and punish fully. This will not allow a jump-in, but it will allow a dash-forward followed by a Solar Plexus Strike.
[] All Hadoukens will now knock down as well.
] Your damage after a Hadouken guard break is scaled to about 60%
[] EX Hadoukens charge fully much more quickly than normal Hadoukens, and will deal 150 damage and 300 stun.
] Critical Art also breaks guard in Denjin Mode, leaving you at +8, enough to link a cr.HK. Critical Art also deals 350 damage instead of 320 and 300 stun instead of 0 stun.
[] All moves that use Ryu’s fists are buffed in Denjin Mode.
] Ryu’s punch normals all deal 30 more stun. So st.LP deals 100 stun instead of 70, and st.MP deals 130 stun instead of 100.
[*] Ryu’s Shoryukens all deal 20 more damage, and 50 more stun.


Denjin Mode seems especially useful in these scenarios

[] Using the V-Trigger as a combo-extender. This can usually lead to 100-200 extra damage in a combo, depending on positioning.
] Using the V-Trigger to improve reactions for better punishes. Once you have full Critical Gauge, you can threaten a V-Trigger into super to punish a great deal of moves that would ordinarily be quite difficult to react to with the super input normally.
[] Using V-Trigger to make moves safe. Cancelling cr.HK into V-Trigger on block is sometimes a good idea, especially if your opponent can threaten a big punish to your sweep.
] Using Denjin Mode to set up an unblockable Hadouken. This is tricky, as ultimately even the EX Hadouken is incredibly slow to charge fully, and is the equivalent of catching someone with a relatively slow overhead. It has the added advantage of being able to release early, the idea being that the only defence against a fully charged Hadouken is to jump out of it, but releasing it early will catch them on their way up. This is ultimately a guess situation, and the risk reward isn’t great for you, as you’ll only really get about 170 damage off a guard break without super.
[*] Using Denjin Mode to threaten stun. I actually think this might end up being one of the better applications for Denjin Mode. The stun damage increase is significant, and applies to many of Ryu’s best pressure moves, such as st.LP, st.MP, and cr.MP. Given Ryu already has a very good stun potential, V-Triggering to complete a beefy combo will likely put your opponent in a situation where one more combo will stun them, likely ending the round.


I’ve been experimenting with Denjin mode recently, I had the thought to make a thread but I logged in to see you beat me to it!

Anyways, I’m sure I’m not the first to find the CC Sweep V-Trigger cancel setup. This may actually be a very good option to punish DPs, since you can space yourself as you set it up to make a reversal DP whiff, and if they don’t have a super like Necalli’s or Nash’s, it’s guaranteed from what I can tell.

However, against characters without reversals, it loses its use as a punish and becomes sort of impractical to fish for. Sort of. My friend showed me a way to option select V-Trigger cancel so that it only pops on crush counter. Do the sweep, and then input V trigger with a delay. You can practice by setting counter hit to random and player 1 V-gauge to minimum start.


Wait. Super in Denjin breaks guard?

So if I and have denjin up and full super bar and they block, I can just finish the super motion and it will hit? How much damage compared to normal?



It doesn’t do full super damage, it does ~50 chip damage then guard breaks. It leaves you at +9 but has a bunch of pushback so if you do it midscreen you can only ever get a sweep off it, you have to be pointblank to follow up. They can escape if they V-Reversal your cr.MP before the super flash.


Ok, thanks!


yeah i’ve been trying to come up with a good number for finishing off a round with full meters.

based on some basic testing, random blockstring -> vtrigger -> block string xx special xx super -> followup is probably enough to kill from anything around ~10% guarenteed, and possibly higher depending on situation.

will try to get some exact numbers next time i have a block of time.


Yeah I actually think Ryu might have really good chip-out potential with super. I’ve been going with j.HK, st.HP xVx cr.HP xx DP xx Super so far… I haven’t actually tested if you can connect the sweep after the guard break if you’ve done a blockstring first, does anyone know if this works?


denjin super is really nice in the corner to finish an opponent off. The guard break might reduce you to shit as far as power, but in the corner, point blank off of a f+hp xx v trigger 's hp xx super - you are close enough after guard break for bhk lk shory


Are you sure the b.HK > s.LK > SRK works? blocked denjin pushes me too far back and the srk whiffs.


Can you connect anything midscreen after guard break CA? The only thing I can get is sweep after a raw point blank CA, I can’t do any kind of blockstring or else I’m too far.


I know what it might be. Try this. I’ve replicated it a few times now with birdie and with cammy just in case.

After v trigger in corner st.MP xx hadoken xx super - guard crush - bhk, lk xx hp shoryuken

EDIT: It looks like anything before v trigger in the corner will have too much push back, but as long as you - xx hadoken xx super - you should still be close enough for the follow up bhk, lk xx shory


I made a quick video of it. Check it out guys.


Some more important notes I feel should be added to the OP:
[] Denjin Fireballs knock down, this is a huge boost for his fireball game and should not be underestimated.
] You can juggle Critical Art from great distances off of a hit Denjin Fireball.


Thanks for the note on the KD, I’ve now added that to the OP.

I can’t actually confirm that you can juggle with CA off a Hado in Denjin Mode at mid- to long-range. Can you show me a vid of this?


here is a quick vid i made. sorry it’s not perfect. :frowning:

also confirming that nothing works midscreen. it’s too far for anything!

normals do ~0/10/15 grey damage
fireballs do 10 chip damage
dps do 25/30/35 chip
tatsus do 20/50/90(!) chip
you can kill enemies with ~180hp if you got full meters in corner


Nice vid! Does the HP Shoryu not connect as a combo ender there? I’ve been working on some similar stuff, in the corner it looks like blocking against a fully stocked Ryu is a bad proposition. There’s equivalent combos that work midscreen and deal a bunch of chip too, but you can’t follow up off the CA. I used to be a Dee Jay player so I loves me some unblockable chip kills :stuck_out_tongue:


I did some testing from the perspective of facing down someone throwing out a Denjin super at close range. If you’re too close and can’t jump out then you can spend a bar on EX shoryuken to escape. If you do it on the first frame after the super freeze then a whiffed EX shoryuken is actually +4 against their recovery from super so you can still land a punish on them.


I have no way of recording unfortunately, but it is definitely possible to do. Actually confirming it though is another story. The ease of the confirm varies pretty wildly with the range you’re at, which fireball you use, how long you charge it, etc. One thing that you definitely should look for as Ryu is if somebody is about to land on one of your denjin fireballs you can easily get CA from anywhere on the screen.


yeah it’s too far for dp to hit, and i’m using forward tatsu for extra damage.

as for juggling, it seems like it HAS to be at least lvl2 fb for the juggle to work. really hard midscreen and you have to be pretty close but it works. good usecase is if you have them cornered, you can do something like xx vtrig xx fireball+hold, and if they neutral/back jumped, let them land on fb xx super


does anyone knows if moving the stick in a circular motion while charching a denjin hadouken, makes it charge faster, just as in 3rd Strike?