Denjin Podcast Thread : Epi6 is up with Haunts and Mr Bean!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the double post, but I know in past episodes we got a flood of questions when UltraDavid and Busta posted they were going to appear on the show in the SF4 section.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Denjin Podcast is an informal, listener submitted question driven podcast based at Denjin Arcade featuring socal SF players.

For past episodes and more info, you can check out the main thread in FGD:

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UPDATE 09-15-2009

Show #6 is available on

UPDATE 07-21-2009

Show #5 is available on

I’ll keep this updated when the episode, or future episodes are posted/announced!

UPDATE 07-07-2009

Show #4 is available on

How does one go about acquiring the Keno Eye?

EDIT: Just tried downloading the previous eps but it’s broken. Tried downloading from FF and IE but no dice.

when is this elusive pod cast happening?

Oh fuck sorry, some of the links have changed due to some switching of domains. The last episode should work, but the previous ones I’ll fix right now. Thanks for pointing that out!

EDIT: On the other thread all the links are fixed now! listen away :slight_smile:

Worst case scenario, a couple weeks from now. I don’t like giving any concrete predictions because everyone involved in making these happen live kind of scattered, especially the guests, so there is always the chance of delays.

To ComboJack: What other cheap characters do you play? :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Wish I could get this email notification to subscribed threads to work. This is a thread id like to keep updated on.

to combo jack: didn’t you play ryu, what made you switch to sagat?

recording tonight in case you were waiting to get your questions in!


  • gief strats
  • hardest matchups
  • FADC used at all, besides to build meter? (regarding Balrog)
  • new shit? (besides head but into ultra)
  • common scrub mistakes

thanks in advance!

I second those questions there!

I can’t seem to download any of the MP3’s off of the denjin arcade blog. Maybe it’s blocked by my work’s firewall. Anyone else have problems?

for the time being download them from the official thread in Fighting Game Discussion.

I’m not sure where that is. Can you provide a link?

all links are fixed now. you can get them from the blog

this is also my question for keno!

To Keno: What’s your strategy when fighting Balrog vs Balrog? Any key tips or tools to use for this matchup? Especially when fighting a turtle Balrog… :#

For ComboJack -

Could you please explain the basics of Sagat’s zoning game.
-Basically what are Sagat’s and the opponents options at the various spacings in between them

  • Is it possible to have smart tiger shot spams that do not have gaps where opponent can jump in and punish unless he guesses a tiger shot?
    -When to use high and low tiger shots at the various speeds.


This match … oh I know this one pretty well but it doesn’t make it easy. Okay in this match you want to do a lot of jump back fierce. The dash straights will whiff and you get a good attack and a follow up. When you are ahead you can turtle full screen and when the Balrog jumps in you can jab dash punch as soon as they are landing. So that’s safe chip or if they try to focus attack it wont crumple you. Now when you have super and ultra, JUMP BACK FIERCE! When you are jumping back you have a PERFECT charge. So as soon as you land you can unleash any charge move except headbutt. So if you are doing the jump back fierce and your opponent tries to dash punch you as you land, you hit em with the Keno Eye! Now if you want to play a close game id say turtle close. So if they dare do a jab dash punch deep, you get a FREE crouching jab. The timing is 1 frame I believe. So if you are pro at it you can do jab into headbutt. But i’m not that good at it so i do jab into a dash punch and hope if I miss that they aren’t good with they’re timing. One thing I love to do is stay out of jab dash punch range because if they glide at you with an attack it can be GRABBED on reaction. The last thing I have to say is what I feel is one of the most important things with every character … METER MANAGEMENT! I typically like to save all my meter with all my characters. With Balrog mirrors I find it useful. Because then you can dash punch at max range all day and there is nothing they can do about it. If they focus then you cancel into super. If they ex dash punch you, then you will hit them first and you can cancel before there hit connects. So basically with super it ELIMINATES every characters option of random focus attacks which is usually a very good idea. So yeah that’s a few tips. Hopefully I helped! If I ever do another podcast at Denjin i’m down to answer any questions. ANY questions, as long as I can possibly answer them. Take it easy!

Does Pherai intake alot of calcium to enhance his beard growth?

Thanks a lot man!

Really solid advice and I’ll keep everything in mind for Rog vs Rog matches.