Denjin Sakura - Now with Daigobot AI v1.0!

Denjin Sakura - By Orgolove, now with Daigobot AI v1.0!
This is a mod of Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v2012. It changes Sakura’s moveset, voice, special effects, and ultras and adds custom animations and a new costume to create a completely new character.

Gameplay video:

Gameplay GIF:

Smoother, mini version:

Sakura has gained complete mastery of the Satsui no Hado and all forms of Ansatsuken Karate. Combining the best abilities of all masters of this school of martial arts throughout history, Sakura can use unique moves from Ryu, Ken, Gouken, and all variations of Akuma (Gouki) at her disposal to dominate any enemies in her way. Some highlights include:

[]Ryu’s “mule kick”
]Ken’s Step Kick/Kara throw
[]Akuma’s double roundhouse
]And many more!
Special Moves:
[]Ken’s Shinryuken
]Gouken’s Tatsumaki Gorasen (Rising Hurricane Kick)
[]Akuma’s Shun Goku Satsu (Raging Demon)
]Akuma’s Misogi (Purifier)
[]Akuma’s Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (Land Rending Vajira Slash)
]And many more!
Whether your preferred shoto character is Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, or their variations, this electricity-infused Sakura’s wealth of options with over 60 different unique moves mean that she can be molded into any playstyle you desire. If you want an explosive, versatile character with endless combo potential, this character is for you.

Custom Animations!
Sakura’s intro cinematic has been customized so that lightning falls across the ground as she bursts up from the floor, showcasing her true power after landing in a burst of energy. No more of those heart-popping-out scenes for the match win poses either - a much more classy wrist snap has been added. This and many other aspects of the character were polished to provide the best experience.

Character Ability:
Ansatsuken Master
Sakura has brought out the ultimate potential of Ansatsuken karate, and has the ability to cancel from one signature move to another without delay, even when airborne.
(The canceling priority in air is restricted to the following: from most options to least options, teleports -> hadoken moves -> tatsumaki and other specials -> other normals -> supers/ultras)

Notable Normals:
Step Kick (Far Medium Kick)
Command: MK, far
Taken from Ken, Sakura takes a short step forward and kicks the enemy. It has a slightly longer recovery, but can be canceled into a throw at any time during the attack.

Hop Kick (Senbukyaku)
Command: → + MK
Taken from Evil Ryu, Sakura takes a short hop towards the opponent in an overhead flying kick. It can go over lows, and can be canceled into hurricane kicks.

Overhead Chop
Command: → + MP
Taken from Akuma, Sakura steps forward and hits the collarbone of the opponent in an overhead two-hit attack.

Sliding High Punch
Command: HP, far
In the spirit of Ryu’s Sliding High Kick, Sakura takes a step forward and deals a powerful punch to the opponent. The opponent wallbounces if hit, allowing for followups. This move has a very long (12f) startup, but has 3 hits of armor and can be canceled into from any medium punch and close hard punch normals. The move also cancels any fireballs that hit it while active.

Double Roundhouse Loop
Command: HK, far
An excellent normal taken from Akuma, Sakura kicks the opponent twice in quick succession. The move has slightly longer recovery than Akuma’s, but can hit crouching opponents and steps forward a longer distance.

Piercing Strike
Command: HP, crouching
An anti air punch that can launch and juggle the opponent for up to two hits.

Tenmakujinkyaku (Dive Kick)
Command: (In Air) ↓ + K
Taken from Akuma, Sakura does a dive kick attack that hits overhead and can cross up the opponent. Button strength determines the kick angle, with the light version going almost directly down. An EX meter can be used to dive down faster.

Focus Attack
Command: MP + MK
Evil Ryu, Sakura retains the excellent focus attack range and speed of Evil Ryu.

Special Moves:
Standard moves
Ashura Senkuu (Teleport)
Command: →↓↘ or ←↓↙ + PPP or KKK
Taken from Akuma, Sakura can slip through opponents and move across the screen. Button direction determines sliding direction, with punches going further distance than the kicks. She is completely invincible for the startup and duration of the move. While there is a very long recovery at the end of the teleport, Sakura can cancel this into any ground attack at any point in the move, making this an excellent approach and escape option.

Tenma Ashura Senkuu (Aerial Teleport)
Command: →↓↘ or ←↓↙ + PPP or KKK (Air)
The same move can also be executed in the air, and can be canceled into any aerial move (but not a second teleport).

Misogi (Purifier)
Command: ↓→ + K (Repeated up to three times in sequence)
Taken from Akuma, Sakura teleports above the opponent and charges down at them with a devastating strike. This is a rekka move, meaning that it can be quickly repeated in sequence with repeated button motions. The button strength determines distance traveled for the first hit, with the L version falling back down at the immediate position and the H version going full screen across. The EX version travels 3/4ths of the screen and has a larger downward hitbox. The first hit merely causes hit recovery, while the second hit launches the opponent and the final hit forces an untechable knockdown. The normal versions of the move hits three times while the EX version repeats the move two additional times after the third hit. Followup hits can be slightly delayed to further confuse the opponent. This move has a very long recovery, but can cross up opponents and hits overhead.

Tenma Misogi (Aerial Purifier)
Command: ↓→ + K (Repeated up to three times in sequence) (Air)
The same move can also be executed in the air, with Sakura dropping down immediately without the upward motion.

Super: Raging Demon (Syungokusatsu)
Command: LP, LP, → , LK, HP
Taken from Akuma, Sakura slides forward very quickly to grab the opponent. Unlike Akuma’s version of the move, Sakura can combo into this move from other attacks and can hit airborne opponents. Deals very little damage, but consumes only two EX meters.

Super: Aerial Raging Demon (Tenma Syungokusatsu)
Command: LP, LP, → , LK, HP (Air)
The same move can also be executed in the air, and can be canceled and comboed from any aerial move.

Super: Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (Land Rending Vajira Slash)
Command: ↓↓↓ + PPP
Taken from Akuma’s ultimate technique, Sakura puts her hand up, charges with ki, then violently slams on the ground resulting in a large energy explosion. Unlike Akuma’s version of the move, Sakura’s version comes out faster and can be comboed from other attacks. Deals little damage, but consumes only two EX meters.

Hadoken Moves
Sakura can shoot hadokens regardless of other projectiles already present on screen.
Command: ↓→ + P
Standard fireball, shared across all practitioners of Ansatsuken Karate. Light version travels exceptionally slowly, allowing Sakura to approach enemies safely. EX version hits twice and knocks down. Deals very little damage, but can be followed up by Ren Gohadoken.

Tenma Gohadoken
Command: ↓→ + P (Air)
The same move can be executed in the air, and can be canceled into other specials (but not a second fireball or a teleport).

Ren Gohadoken
Command: P follow up after either versions of the Gohadoken
Taken from Ryu in the vs series of games, Sakura can chain a longer burst of fireballs at the end of either versions of her gohadoken for a total of five fireballs at once. This only applies for horizontal fireballs.

Tenha Gohadoken
Command: ↓← + P
Taken from Gouken, Sakura can shoot fireballs at an upward angle. Hard version fires directly upward (with an altered animation), making corner escape efforts difficult. EX version shoots two fireballs, at different angles.

Zanku Gohadoken
Command: ↓← + P (Air)
Taken from Akuma, Sakura can shoot fireballs at an downward angle while in air. Hard version fires directly downward. EX version shoots two fireballs, at different angles.

Gorai Hadoken
Command: →↓← + P
Taken from Oni, Sakura charges slightly longer and shoots multihit fireballs charged with electricity, dealing increased damage and knocking the opponents down when hit. Sakura’s frames on this move are slightly faster than similar versions from other practitioners.

Ultra: Messatsu Gohadoken
Command: ↓→↓→ + PPP
Sakura gathers world-destroying power in her palms, and shoots a large ball of energy that hits 8 times. Deals little damage for an ultra, but only consumes half the ultra meter. This ultra is always available.

Ultra: Messatsu Tenma Gohadoken
Command: ↓→↓→ + PPP (air)
The same move, executed in the air. This ultra is always available.

Ultra: Messatsu Tenha Gohadoken
Command: ↓→↓→ + KKK
The same move, except Sakura can also shoot the fireball at an upward angle. This ultra is always available.

Ultra: Messatsu Zanku Gohadoken
Command: ↓→↓→ + KKK (air)
The same move, executed in the air with Sakura shooting the fireball at a downward angle. This ultra is always available.

Ultra: Messatsu Tenku Gohadoken
Command: ↓→↓← + KKK
The same move, except Sakura can also shoot the fireball directly upward. This ultra is always available.

Ultra: Messatsu Zanha Gohadoken
Command: ↓→↓← + KKK (air)
The same move, executed in the air with Sakura shooting the fireball directly downward. This ultra is always available.

Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) Moves
Goshoryuken (Dragon Punch)
Command: →↓↘ + P
Standard shoryuken. Sakura’s version travels a longer distance horizontally than Akuma or Ryu, allowing her to easily catch opponents that are further away. Unlike any of the other practitioners, Sakura can also cancel this move after the final hit into aerial moves, making this much more difficult to punish. EX version has a longer invincibility, travels slightly further, and deals more damage.

Ultra 1: Shinryuken
Command: ←↓→←↓→ + PPP
Taken from Ryu’s ultimate move, Sakura throws a deep punch into the opponent. Following with a shoryuken, she then attacks with a barrage of kicks, and ends with a spinning shoryuken that hits nine times.

Tatsumaki (Hurricane Kick) and other Kick Moves
Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku)
Command: ↓← + K
Standard hurricane kick, carries Ryu’s airborne benefits and Ken’s multihit properties. Unlike Akuma’s version, Sakura can hit crouching opponents with this move. Sakura spins in place for the EX version.

Airborne Hurricane Kick (Tenma Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku)
Command: ↓← + K (air)
The same move, performed in air. This move can cross up the opponent, and alters Sakura’s jump trajectory to further increase the ambiguity. Sakura completely stops her momentum for the EX version before going down.

Rising Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Gorasen)
Command: →↓← + K
Taken from Gouken, Sakura launches the opponent while spinning and hits him multiple times on her way to the peak of her jump, after which she can follow up with the aerial version of the hurricane kick or other air moves, but not fireballs or teleports. The EX version hits even more times. Unlike Gouken’s move, a few frames of starting invincibility are added to help its use as an anti-air.

Airborne Chasing Hurricane Kick (Tenma Hutsu Tatsumaki)
Command: →↓← + K (Air)
Taken from Gouken, Sakura travels sideways while spinning, juggling any opponents that are caught for multiple hits. Button strength determines number of hits and distance traveled. The EX version travels the furthest. Can be canceled into air moves except a second hurricane kick, fireballs or teleports.

Ryubikyaku (Axe kick)
Command: ←↓→ + K
Taken from Evil Ryu, Sakura takes a short step forward and swings her forward leg up, bringing it down for a powerful strike. Unlike Evil Ryu’s version, normal versions also hit overhead. EX version hits twice and deals an untechable knockdown.

Ultra 2: Gekirinken (Counter)
Command: ←↓→←↓→ + KKK
Inspired from Gouken’s Kongoshin (Counter), Sakura changes her stance and primes a series of attacks. If an opponent is present in range for the duration of the primer, she deals a swift jump kick to the back of his leg, then delivers a barrage of punches at the stunned opponent. She finishes by gathering a huge amount of satsui no hado energy in her fist, then exploding it in the chest of the enemy, blowing him back.

Daigobot AI v1.0
Enclosed in this release is an advanced AI system that will surely challenge even the most hardened of fighters. The Daigobot version of this character incorporates an AI that takes advantage of all the instant reaction times already present in the game, and combines it with monster hit confirm into chain combos, ironclad safe approaches, crossup shenanigans, airtight block strings, throw attempts, ultra cancels, and all the tricks of the trade that would be expected from a pro player. Extensive testing has been put into this to try to bring this bot into daigo-like levels, with hours of combo research to take advantage of the latest developments in shoto technology.

Certain differences might be seen from the player version of the character. Damage of AI’s moves were decreased, sometimes dramatically, since hit scaling does not work properly in the current implementation. I’m confident that the damage reduction has brought down the overall damage of various combos to be equivalent to the human-controlled version.

The AI should particularly tough to face from humans whose reaction times are limited, compared to the AI matches that are shown in the gameplay example video above. I hope it will be a fun challenge, and not the rollover that was the standard SF4 AI. Challenges:

  1. Can you beat the Daigobot in a best of 7?
  2. Can you get a perfect against this AI?

Please note that the AI version is not designed for use by a human player! The file is non-functional in human hands. Please keep the versions separate. Note that this does mean you will have to face the AI version of Denjin Sakura using other characters.

MD5 hash:
BAC: 40E29CF065AAFD1D6F5282D38BD0FCF8220865B32137639435328ED9447A1D01
BCM: BFF2F6FE59A49A68399174C392CF4B2491124787F84441074AC0DF1AAAF16D93

Sakura Voice Mod
After listening to the same set of voices since release, I decided to try to incorporate a new voice set for Sakura. If you change the Sakura’s voice setting to English, you can hear the new voice set (voice is still in Japanese). The set is from a different game, so names of moves will be different. Since the likeability of a voice is seriously going to be dependent on each person’s preferences, please revert to the Japanese setting if you don’t like the new version. The Japanese voice has also been modified to include special effects that weren’t present in the original character, and to also change the voice ordering. Thus the original voice files will not work.


v1.1 (removes a few infinites):

Installation Directions:
This is based on Super Street Fighter IV AE v2012.

  1. I recommend a backup of your entire Street Fighter Folder.
  2. Extract all files in Denjin Sakura with Daigobot AI Install File 1 in a convenient location.
  3. Choose whether you want to face the Daigobot AI or if you want to play the character yourself.
  4. Extract the files in the chosen folder in Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\patch_1_06\battle\regulation\latest_ae\SKR.
  5. Extract all files in Denjin Sakura with Daigobot AI Install File 2 in Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\patch1a\battle\chara\SKR.
  6. Extract all files in Denjin Sakura with Daigobot AI Install File 3 in C:\Games\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\resource\battle\chara\SKR.

For Unpatched versions of the game:

  1. Extract the chosen files in 1 in Super Street Fighter IV\dlc\03_character_free\battle\regulation\latest\SKR.
  2. Extraft files 2 and 3 in Super Street Fighter IV\resource\battle\chara\SKR.

NOTE: The Stage BGM has been modded. See this video for further information (featuring an older version of the character):

This is why Capcom never listens to people that dont understand fighting games when they make fighting games or patch them.

Super Mugen Fighter IV?

Broke as fuck and dumb as fuck.

Looks dope as hell.

very impressive. wish i had the skills and patience to do something like this

This is obviously for fun, not for tournament play. Anyways it looks really really cool, and ultimate shoto of sorts.

Oh hey look it’s Mugen in 3D! I’m waiting on dat Ultra Royal God Ryu! :rolleyes:

next, lets see Denjin Sakura vs Super God Demon Ultimate Oni Android Undead Holy Dark Hyper Mecha Nuclear Dan

I posted this in the other SFIV modding thread, but I kinda got buried with more topical replies.

I was curious if you could expand a little on how you modified the AI. The hit confirms and punishers carried out by the CPU demonstrated in your videos are particularly interesting and I was curious if there was potential here for a training oriented mod of sorts (using regular characters).

Yes - it’s definitely possible. In this case, I left it to the AI to decide to do meter consuming moves including FADC, so I’ll have to research a lot more on how to handle the meter gains correctly if you want an actual training mod.

Are there any resources explaining the ins and outs of AI modification for the game? I’ve tinkered with various frame data and move properties using the “Ono!” toolset and made a few mods improving sound effects here and there to my liking, but I’m yet to run across anything that hints at where to modify the character AI.

The fact that your AI is performing lengthy links and decent combos is very impressive.

I’ve added them by tinkering with the AI’s likelihood values in the “moves” section, as well as forcing some links through modifying the “Flow” portion of the moves. Each different combo you see is a different actual move that the computer’s performing, linked together - which is why the meter gains are all bunched up in the beginning of the move, and the damage was toned down to mimic damage scaling.

The “location” of the character doesn’t change until after each move ends, so for some moves, you have to tinker with the physics and speed to quickly move the character forward after the previous animation ends so that the links work correctly. That was the case with the axe kick links that you see in the video (and the flickering of the character).

First to the creator, Does it work with Ultra SF4?

And to the haters with no life, Girlfriends, or anything better to do than hate on someone who made something you clearly can’t, I hear ebay is selling Lives. Please go get one.