Denjin set-ups

to all denjin users out there i need sum help here…

my set-up:

j.hp, hp, 41236mk, hado (cancel) to sa3… (charge)

there are sum other variations to this combo but im kinda busy right now… (those combos are kinda logical tho, its like the same as that set-up.) i really want to learn the better denjin set-ups… thanks :karate:

try the unstopable close hp>shoryuken xx denjin
this way u can charge even b4 they hit the floor :tup:

srk, denijin cancel is a good one

or maybe an unteched sweep if your fast enough??

never tried it but it sounds like it works

you can also try a full screen denijin it comes out so fast if you throw it right its hard to jump over but parryable so you do the math

how about the one fireball denjin after a canceled hadouken :devil:

supreme :clap:

you could also try to land a fp, joudan and get that stun meter up then go for a half charge denijin to give them the rest of the stun i know theyre are some tricky ways to getting that half stun denijin

if you mess with it for a bit im sure youll get it if you can get that stun meter up try a, srk denijin half charge to put them in the stun you can also try an air reset but alot of people here wont go for them i think if you do it right its a good trick to have but parryable

if the denijin had 2 meter bars id use ryu everytime

far, hadoken xx Denjin one of the best setups because it force the opponent to red parry (thx 5star ^^)

thats a good one and sounds tricky do you think if you threw a lp fireball then a half charged denijin…the denijin will beat the fireball?

No, the setup is specific to force the openent to red parry making it harder to escape, no matter if the hadoken hit or not you can charge the Denjin up to 2-3 hit.

ill have to try that next time gives me another attack angel other than a SRK,saIII cancel

by any chance would you know any half charged denijin setups other than the one you mentioned

middle screen:
st.hp/mk, hk tatsumaski, hadoken xx Denjin

st.hp/mk, mk joda, dash, hp hadoken xx Denjin

Those are the two mid screen setups I use, they are not as useful as the corners setups but you won’t always cornet your opponent. If some one knows one better please share it.

i learned a solid one that works medium screen,light kick joudan i was doing it earlier today once the animation for the is going do a 360 and roll it to the joudan if you get the timing down it works evertime afterwards mp hadoken if they dont tech and hp hadoken if they do tech followed by the super waking up into a block is hard enough especially if its followed by a denijin if they jump the fireball do a half charged denijin and just get the stun meter up

if you learn the,lk joudan you can mix it up with high low combos are combos are pretty much the same getting the distance followed by a fireball then the denijin late uoh,mp, srk works i think but the pros parry the denijin :tdown:

If u do Jump FP, Stand FP into a srk and then charge how much of their bar is already is red before u let go of denjin ?

also once the srk connects, is it worth cancelling srk n charging OR when u do jab srk let urself land and then throw a slow FB and 2 into 2 denjin and roll stick/pad as crazy as u can n when fb is parried or blocked, let go of denjin ?

the problem with standing FP is if you have a smart opponet theyll hold down during your crossup and if you dont land the standing FP its a wiff…crossup mk, standing mk works best, srk or joudan works best from there

fp,mk joudan does great stun damage or,joudan

j.fp,fp,srk is alot of life but its so easy to see and if you do land it it has to be a deep fp and those just get parried if you want to do fp,srk should be done after a parry but fp,joudan has the range fp,srk only works so close

you denijin setup is just a matter of opinion but fireball to setup the denijin is good you could fuck up the parry timing or if they jump hit them with a half charged denijin you should always try to build up there stun meter so if you have to throw a half charged denijin you can still stun them full,lk joudan, mp hadoken,SA cancel best set up i think or wake up srk SA cancel

if they block the fireball you dont want to give them the chance to jump out of it i can get 4 hits after a mp fireball fucll screen if you time it right and they block the fireball they will have to parry the denijin because there is no time to jump

UOH srk works i think? you would have to learn how to link the uoh but if you could do UOH,srk,SAcancel that would give you a high low game with the,lk joudan setup and thats all you really need

It depends of your opponent for Chun(SA2),Ken(SA3),Hugo(SA1),Alex(SA1),Akuma(full meter)etc, after the srk I walk back and hadoken xx Denjin, why? because they have supers with fast start-up animation and invisibility frames and is best to throw a hadoken so they don’t go directly to super in wake-up

thnx for the fireball SA3 cancel majin it works exactly like you said it would i still got it parried today though but i fucked my friends a few times it works best when the opponet tries to jump full screen cause most people parry the hadoken and dont know what to do when the denijin is there

post more awesome setups!!!

i noticed that if you do fierce srk the opponent fly highers is it possible to get full charged denijin the super fast one to come out on time as soon as the opponet is getting up?

say you get a srk SA3 cancel in and they eat the denijin and end up in stun the only thing is there full screen could you dash in before the dizzy out or should you just throw a fierce fireball? or is it double dash tatsu?

:slight_smile: thx but the credit should go to 5start, I learn that setup from him when I read it in a old Ryu thread (if you mean the, hadoken xx Denjin)

You can get Denjin to lvl5 with a hp srk xx Denjin, but you may miss the opponent if he don’t go for quick rise after the srk so careful

I never go for full screen Denjin setups they are to easy to parry, but if you manage to stun from full screen I know you can dash and s.jump before he leave the stun animation

i dont go for the full screen ones its just sometimes were fighting on my side of the screen then i go for an srk which puts them some distance and when they get hit with the denijin dont they move back a little?

and for kara throwing since your answering my q’s
fwd+mp then instantly try to throw? and can the UOH combo with srk if you hit the UOH right? and how come i cant link the hp,fk?

the real usefulness of the denjin is that u decide when to release it. i always do it as soon as i knockdown an opponent, with a lp/mp fireball first so he will need to red parry if he blocks the fireball. keep in mind that as somebody else said, there are certain SA that can screw ur setup like hugo’s saIII or ken’s saIII but against them i still do it just that i use it just outside the range of ths SA’s first hit so that even if i get hit by the first hit i get the denjin and im not sucked into the super. also everybody seems to throw it as soon as they can (when the opponent gets up) but u can fuck their minds too. throw a lp fireball first, cancel into denjin, charge and throw it a second or so later than he would expect; this has worked on me against ppl that can block/parry the hadouken and red parry/parry the denjin, you can actually see them tapping forward trying to parry the incoming denjin. finally against characters with poor wake ups (makoto or chun li) and without a full bar u can just charge it in front of them as soon as they wake up, parrying the denjin at zero range is not so easy, especially if u throw it “behind” them.

to greensyo try pressin all the buttons at once ( for the karathrow, and the hp, rk link is easy to do if u are at the right distance.

i think ive done it maybe twice how would i know if he has done it is it just a sliver of animation or will he make a sound like akuma?

UOH,srk works. I recommend you to download Mopreme total Ryu video so you can watch how is done (is better than read it)

For the hp,fk chain to work you need to be at the right distance. Try f+hp first that will put you in perfect distance to connect hp,hk chain.