Denjin Setups

Was bored and messed around with my recorder one day.
WARNING: Im no Ryu ( or 3s ) expert , and this vid was more of a test to see if I could make one. Now i think I know what not to do the next time around at least…


I guess I should have checked in this forum section for more setups , but I just felt like making something off the bat.

Also , I never did see a video of Denjin Setups on youtube before , just some one off vids , but thats it.

my favorite denjin set up is standing mp xx jap hado xx denjin= healthy stun

Could you explain at 1:16 why you’re using Kara HP Shoryu, instead of just chaining it from the close MK in the first place?

I still didn’t see:

  • C.MK -> HP Shoryu -> Denjin
  • Cancellabable normal -> LK Tatsu -> Denjin

All this stuff that starts with high or mid attacks…I don’t get it.

Yeah I know , i was lacking footage so i did what i could with what i had basically.

And yes , there are some obivous ones left out . The Possibility of Kara HP is there for hitconfirmability. But if u have a stun bar at 30% or more , you could just cancel instead , thats true , however , i didnt feel like explaining every little scenario.

Cancellable normal - LK Tatsu only works on standing opponents right?

Also C.MK - HP Shoryu , i did have that but decided to drop it , as other options give more meter and damage if hit ( or blocked ).

Thanks for the input. It would be great if someone who KNOWS denjin ryu did this vid :rofl: Im just a scrubby casual ryu player at best:looney:

Some set-ups work better on some opponents than others, but I try to stay away from shoryu to denjin set-ups when I can. They’re easiest to escape from my experience. I prefer set-ups where the jab fireball is used, especially if you’re basically forcing a red parry attempt or screwing up their timing. The LK tatsu set-ups work OK, but they’re better against opponents that can be hit with it crouching (Dudley, Urien, Hugo). It gives them a lot more to be afraid of against Denjin.

Watch Vanao or Frankie. They hit confirm DPs off s. FP and c. FK into denjin.

I’ve seen that before, but to actually connect with the Denjin afterwards is tough. Unless the opponent is cornered, you can’t really play around with the timing of the release, 'cause it’s easier to jump out of the way.

It might be possible to “block” confirm a DP with a fierce into shoryu or some other cancel combo. If the fierce hits, so will the shoryu (duh) but don’t go for denjin. Just dash up hadou xx denjin after the shoryu. If they block the fierce, chances they will block the shoryu, which you can then cancel into denjin and make them guess when you’re going to release.

but if you cancel shoryu into denjin when they block, couldn’t they easily jump over you?
and if you dash up hadoukenxxdenjin… what if they’re stun bars are too long and you don’t make enough stun on them?

You have to choose your set-up according to you opponent’s stun meter. You always have to try to make your set-up able to stun when successful. As for the jumping out thing, not if you release it early enough. You have to play around with the release time, but you can’t make it too long.

Thanks for fielding that for me. Your concerns are valid, Daigo Jr. I’ve definitely had that happened before. It’s always safer to release early and make them parry. In the case of Blocked shoryu into denjin I think you can get up to two hits before they can jump away (I don’t really know, though, since no one’s really jumped away on me). What I didn’t mention is that I only use this when they have about half a regular stun bar left to go. And as for dash up denjin without full stun, sometimes you can get away with it (like going for a sweep against Ken with meter). I mostly do it for “free” damage and stun. Most of the time I think my opponents are too busy worrying about the parry to think about counter attack. I can see this strategy failing at top level play though, so it might be better to stick with a less reckless game plan. :sweat:

you can charge up 3 hits before they can jump out if you re fast

i use many types of denjin set-ups. it just depends on what you think will work and how much stun they already have. i’ve pretty much broken it up into 3 categories:

  1. combo cancel to denjin

basically, any combo that cancels into denjin… like C.MK -> SRK or S.HP -> SRK
i prefer to use light shoryus since anything more will screw you over if it’s block. honestly though, i don’t cancel into denjin… if i hit, then i go into denjin when i land and still build enough power to stun them. i find it to be safer this way. this also works for a light tatsu, but as “kof4life” was saying, this would be a great tactic against dudley, urien, or hugo.

  1. sweep + denjin on wake-up

one of my favorites to throw in the mix. you gotta make sure they’re already pretty full on stun though since you won’t have much time to build. this is more of a tactical close range set-up and will definitely catch them off-guard.

  1. backthrow + fierce hadou cancel to denjin

this one makes me laugh when i do it. they’ll either block on wake-up and take the full denjin, or try to parry and get off-time. and if they DO parry the whole thing, you’ve got some time to jump over there and beat them down.

i’ve tried the highblade kick to f.hadou > denjin and i didn’t really like it. maybe i just need to play around with it more.

dont forget the anti air setups.

parry jump in, hp , hadouken xx denjin.

Kumer, for the back throw and donkey kick combos, try dash twice, jab hadou, denjin once in a while, too. You give your opponent less time to react, but you sacrifice the number of hits you get out of denjin.

Also, does jab shoryu have more hit stun or something? Just wondering why jab shoryu is better on block.

Was bored again and threw together 5 more setups.


Nothing too fancy , and some of the footage was awful ( like missing the cr.MK link after the overhead :confused: ) but hey , its just to give a general idea.

^ Low forward, ex Sidekick doesn’t combo . also , any set up where you end with short hurricane kick and they land in the corner, you should just activate denjin before they hit the ground. it makes it almost impossible to tech roll when the super freezes the screen so you can charge up the super to hit 4 times with no problems. check about :27 - :30 of this vid so you can see what I’m talking about. the guy doesn’t tech roll cause it’s too hard.


It doesnt combo? :confused: What the hell is wrong with me , I was quite sure i checked that… omg

You mean the Reset setups #9 and #14? If you do what your suggesting , you wont have enough meter to activate.

Edit: Checked the vid. Ah yes gotcha. Well like i said , im just trying the get the ball rolling. When we get someone with actualy Ryu knowledge to make a vid , thats when it starts being helpful.

Is it truely impossible to techroll, or is it just that the timing get’s really difficult? Good stuff everyone.

I think it’s just the timing. If you activate Denjin at just the right time after an LK tatsu, it should start just as your opponent is getting ready to tech roll, throwing off their timing a lot.