Denjin SSF4 Singles 3/11/11

  1. G.Dragon (is that right? lol) (Abel)
  2. Red Venom (Viper)
  3. Emerson (Fuerte)
  4. Manny (Gief)
  5. Paper (Fuerte)
  6. Gouki_Cookie (Chun, Sak, Blanka)
  7. John (Ken)
  8. Daniel (Dic)
  9. Eric (Cody?)

thanks to everyone that joined in on the tourney. I know it was pretty much last min but good times.

Busta: See and you didn’t even wanna enter lol congrats!
Red Venom: i know paper was just kidding but i really do play protoss.
Emerson and Manny: nice meeting you guys
Paper: El Fuerte! I might be able to get you a shirt. Hit me up if you’re interested.
Bagrat: Thanks for letting me run this tourney!
john daniel eric: hope to seeu guys again!

yo that G.Dragon guy is BEAST

The Rise of G.Dragon

thanks for runnin this. whew its hella weird to play sf4 after so long

damn i missed denjin
i’ll try to get out there more
good games everyone