Denjin tank



First a pretty sad news: Because of real life issues I will stop playing this game. I love this game and i breaks my heart already to leave, but it breaks my heart even more since two days ago I made an interesting discovery which also gave me an idea. I first wanted to keep this to myself till Ultra, but since I’m not gonna be around that long, I’m gonna share it with you.

I realize that I myself only had a mediocre Gouken, but even the better Goukens went through the same troubles that I did and I think we can commonly agree that Gouken will retain his problems even though he gets better in Ultra.
A few days ago a vid was posted on srk front page, where Gouken blocked Seths U2 and was able to fully charge his Denjin to punish him.
Only out of fun I made a response vid showing he can even do more damage than the show cased 800 in doing more than Seth has even life which is 880, by the way you can do more than 800 with only 1 meter (82x).
I first thought the situation was not very common to happen, especially in more serious offline play especially tournaments.
Out of fun I researched how many other Ultras and Supers Gouken can punish with full Denjin and I was pretty shocked that there was 13 chars in the cast who have at least 1 special move some even more than 1 which can be punished with full Denjin ON BLOCK. If you look in the Gouken mirror its craziest you can punish ALL tatsus including LK and U1 with full Denjin. Theres also even more chars who have moves you can punish with full Denjin if you don’t have to block their move but land behind them if they mash it or are just a bit away and the whiff.
This is just the beginning of me getting curious.
Ofc these situations are still to uncommon to expect to win majors with it, but some of these situations are already that good, to wonder why you never see it used.
Example: Rufus U2. Its anti hadouken and has some anti air properties, so its bound to be blocked by wrong read on Rufus side, you can even take your sweet time to charge your denjin (-74!) which you don’t have to, since you can literally stop blocking after you blocked the first hit AND you will stun Rufus if you palm him midscreen or jump back mp tatsu him in the corner, since he has low stun, which results in up to 950 insane dmg of ONE COMBO, no reset.

If you’re not bored yet and still with me, as I said above, I don’t expect to win more by those few situations, but seeing how many there still are, I started thinking how many more there are, where you land level 4 and how countless many others where you land level 3 Denjin.

Level 4 is over 500 dmg and nearly 900 stun (always counting with follow up, since your opponent is always grounded in these situations, Level 3 is still over 400 + 800 Stun and you use NO EX-meter for that stuff.

We already are better off with 4 meter since our super is very versatile and meter will only get more important in Ultra with EX-tatsu.
There is another thing: We get more and earlier Ultras because of kongo, and there were already countless matches, where I saw non Goukens get first half Ultra without losing more than a 100 life, by absorbing projectiles like crazy.

Now I’m thinking, how would it be, if you play Gouken totally to HIS strengths and not like he is a shoto with gimmicks?
Lab like crazy, find out all those guaranteed counters starting from easy things like reacting to Ryus jhk to still easy but way more demoralising things reacting to Feis non wake up chicken wings, and train yourself, NEVER to predict or mixup counter any more but only do guaranteed counters.
Be lame like crazy, never do anything unsafe, not even hadoukens if you aren’t 100% sure its fullscreen and the opponent has no special to counter it.
Never jump, only use flips to get out or to safe jump.
And then ofc looking for that level 3 Denjin, know when to use it and ofc even more so if its 4 or 5.

I am aware, that this might not sound as revolutionary to others but myself, so I never would have posted this, if I had the chance to put in labbing work like crazy till Ultra comes out and show it to you n practise before I posted this.

But since I sadly will not be able to do this, I felt I should share these thoughts with you. :slight_smile:


Thank you!!!


good perspective on the old man…

I will try to emmulate much of this in the immediate future…
best wishes homeboy!


To do a last contribution before I stop, I started to record all the Level 5 Denjin punishes.
Though the vid is not ready yet I came across a few crazy things I wanna share before:

If you have corner position you can dizzy ANYBODY. I did Level 5 Denjin as punish to Giefs U2 and followed up with 2 EX Hados into low palm and dizzied Gief! If you spend 2 more meters you can do altogether 934 dmg on him. You also can reset him since it’s a corner EX palm. :slight_smile:

On Ryu you can do 980 stun of his 1000 where ever you are on screen without meter. If you wanna dizzy him use 1 meter.
Also if Ryus U2 crosses you up after he hits you in front, our U2 punish auto corrects. Timing is extremely strict though.

You can kill Seth completely without: good screen position, EXmeter and you don’t have to use the most optimal combo, as long as you combo intu hard tatsu and not palm.

You can taunt C. Viper before you start charging your denjin, if you blocked her U1.

The crazy thing about the Gief dizzy is, that you’ll be able to dizzy some characters if you only land a 4 hit denjin where of there are way many more situations as 5.


While I was recording my stick broke.
So thats it for me guys, I will quit this game even earlier as I wanted. (Only a few days though)
Below I linked a vid which includes dizzying Gief.
You can land a level 3 Denjin after simple things like Akuma, Ryu and Kens dp or Hakans air grab special (the one you have to duck).
If Ryu dps you when he is in the corner/other chars do stuff which has recovery above 32 frames) just raw denjin ex hadou far hk him.^^
Damage and stun is way better than our regular ex-combos.
If you land lvl 4 or 5 Denjin, you just killed a fool. :wink:

I still think a whole new safer Gouken playstyle could be built around it, the punishing Gouken who absorbs and counters everytime its guaranteed.^^