Denjin Video Podcast for SBO Plane Ticket Donations Thread

Hey guys,
Just put out the very first episode of the new Denjin Video Podcast, featuring myself and one of America’s finest 3s players, pyrolee! This is the first of a series of interview-style discussions with top players. The goal is to give back to the community by providing players without a strong local 3s community some insight into the minds of top players.

We’re trying to raise money for the two teams that are being sent to represent America in Japan at SBO 2008. The plane tickets are not covered this year as they were in years past, so we are hoping to raise $4000 which will be divided up amongst the two teams.

Myself, kofiend and Justin Wong have already qualified at MWC a few weeks ago and the west coast qualifier is being held at FFA on Saturday July 20.

As for the interview, we talk about his background, old school FFA times, Yun strategy, tough matchups, tournament mindset and all kinds of other fun stuff. This is going to be especially helpful to mid-level players and all Yun players, because nobody knows Yun better than pyro.

So check out the podcast at:

If you like what you hear, please consider sending a small donation to help us pay for plane tickets. Also, please post any feedback you might have, questions for other top players, etc.

lol the kofiend podcast is gonna be insane

this podcast was just great.

KOFiend requires at least 3 redbulls before his podcast

I just listened to this. Very inspirational.
Gave me enough motivation to get out of this slump I’ve been in ever since a certain incident occurred.

Great podcast gootecks!!!

good shit

Ok guys just put up the new episode, this time with 5 Star: Denjin Video Blog

Please post comments questions and suggestions on the blog. I didn’t realize comments were off until now.

Gootecks, what happened to Rockefeller?? I miss him :frowning:

There’s an interview with Amir up now.

any word on a rock interview?

EdMa and Emphy podcast are up now…

Rockefeller decided to hang with Rapper James and has disappeared ever since…SHOUT OUT TO C-ROYD!

Hahahhaha, I remember this.


Aw c’mon. I like Rockefeller too, but there’s already a thread for him. This is about gootecks and his podcast, which I dig very much.

Great stuff on this new series. Gives off a lot more professional feel and it’s always great to hear experiences and advice from Cali’s top players. Keep up the great work, and aim for dat SBO!

do we have to donate alot of money for a Rocky podcast? :confused: