Denjin Video Podcasts?

Hi all,
I just stumbled across the Denjin Video Podcasts on youtube. They were a series of podcasts meant to help raise funds for SBO 08’ (I believe) and were hosted by Gootecks. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the first 7? I could only listen to the first 2 on youtube, I couldn’t find the rest. BTW, no longer has the downloads available. :frowning:


I’ve wondered the same thing so many times haha would love to know the TRUTH once and for all, even if the truth hurts (I.e. The rest are lost forever or never existed).

they used to be on the denjin website.

im sure pherai or someone has them saved somewhere and can upload.

Are those part of the Dr. Subzero podcasts or are they different?

Also, now that we’re on the topic, does anyone have all the archived FFA ranbats starting from season 1 to 5? Or the missing 5.3 where Sanchez plays Stun Gun Headbutt Alex? I had a lot of them in around 2006 but my hard drive was cleared since then :\

different. the denjin podcasts are mostly surrounding their trip to japan/sbo iirc.

I tracked down the wrap up ones, pherai and Haunts talk about just came back from 2009 SBO.

Thru Iplaywinner

The ones on the Denjin website are an old host and long gone.

^ I’ve heard those, there’s some good stuff there. I first heard of the famous LetBloodRun (hahahahahaha… actually, I think I’m the only person who kind of likes that name, but oh well) from those, as well as the Legend of Ironfist’s Legend in Espana (it was really awesome getting to share a laugh about that with Pherai and the Tiger Uppercutting legend himself at Evo).

Everyone should check those out if you have a chance - stories about SBO/Japan, amusing thoughts about the state of SF4 in 2009, Pherai’s voice, etc.

actually its a bit confusing…

gootecks’ podcast started as the denjin video podcast (seperate from dr sub zero) before becoming the street fighter podcast, or whatever he called it. those were just 3s player interviews to raise some donation money for the SBO trip. iirc they included interviews with pyro, 5 star, emphy, and more.

the denjin podcast, or denjin arcade podcast, or whatever we called it was the one I did for a while. I might still have them somewhere, not sure :x

that’s the one i’m thinking of.
maybe im just thinking of the blog.

i have no idea anymore it was years ago.

Aww, that sucks. I really enjoyed listening to Pyrolee and 5 Star talk about the different way they approach the game and how at the first US vs Japan tourney the Japanese players gave them a VHS with things to teach them like Kara-Demon.

The Skillsmith ones MAJ still talks about, or he did within the last few years on his recently enough

Or like, just their own? Sounds cool either way.

I have some of the gootecks podcasts on my pc. I have the episodes featuring Alex Valle, dogface and omni, Vic Vance, Renic, Shogo and maybe a couple others I cant remember. I also have every episode of the old Dr Subzero show and I think all of the Denjin podcasts.

Please let me know how I can get those from you! That would be so great to listen to!

If someone can tell me a good place to upload them Id be happy to.

Send Space, Dropbox, or Yousendit should work. The Drobbox is probably the easiest way to share it among groups though.


Yeah it’s kind of confusing because there is the series Dejin Video Podcast, with episodes 1 and 2 (pyrolee and 5Star) available on YouTube. Then at some point Gootecks’ podcasts became The Street Fighter Podcast, and unfortunately most of those are also no longer available. The Denjin Podcast was then hosted by Pherai, and most/all of those are still available on iPlaywinner.

Anything you have that isn’t readily available that you could upload would be amazing, NAP.

Ill see what I can do then.

I have the denjin podcasts 1-8 and the street fighter podcasts 1- 34. Though two of those are ones that were for sale however i’ll upload the whole lot (minus the paid ones) if you guys like. The whole lot is currently 1.65 gb (including the two SF4 answers) uncompressed. Maybe I should ask goo if he minds also. If anyone expresses interest I’ll email Ryan just to make sure and then arrange the best way to make this stuff available

Correction to my earlier post. unfortunately the podcast with kofiend is corrupted and only the first fifteen or so seconds play. The rest are all fine. And the SF4 answers I referred to above is actually the SF4 secrets. I also have sf podcasts called the SF4 answers but they cost nothing and so are fine to upload.

Paypal Ryan@GameSpotVersus

to ask for his money that’s like 120% more valuable than American moneys. I guess we can launder it for him or something.

So jelly, Gootecks sideburns, will never be able to grow my own. He got some flak for those SF4 secrets with Ed Ma, ‘so what exactly new is he providing with this “go look at frame data” advice discussed for $12.95’. So, speaking for this Street Fighter 3 forum, don’t worry about those.

Gootecks contacted me back by email once, it was about putting an eventhubs link on his blog/website front page.

So he put up “Event Hubs,” and he said maybe we can do some cross promotions in the future for his bar fights thingys.

and eventhubs 3s guides did have some stolen contents. Direct video, kinda sucked. Then it blew up big from their only starting out content “how to get better at SF3 guide” & “SF4 arcade machine locator” Then gootecks blew up big.

Saw Pyro’s and 5star’s on TheShend’s channel last night, which are the 1st 2 in the series?