Denjin vs. Biggie-sized stun bars

Do any of you guys switch to SA1 if you’re fighting Alex/Dudley/Hugo/Q (i.e. large stun gauge)? Denjin owns, but I haven’t had much success using it vs. Alex esp – hard to manage a full stun unless you they eat a DP or something. So after my traps he’s usually close-but-not-quite dizzy, and they can see you’re getting antsy trying to go for the quick stun w/ an overhead or w/e.

Just wondering cos I’m gonna have to fight a decent Alex at the Michigan tourney Sat :rofl: … Although he uses Stungun – SUP JAB.


I switch to SA1 because I find EX fireballs come in handy against the characters you mention, like Hugo and Alex in particular. A very random thing I do against them at times is jump over them, then go into EX tatsu BEFORE hitting the ground.

Anyways, I do think those bigger characters suffer against EX fireballs a bit.

I take it with them chars, the full 5 hits need to connect ?

If so, then all I can say is get some stun down yourself b4 trying SA3 and hope for the best

If denjin is your main SA u also need to learn some SA1 stuff cuz u’ll need shinkuu for some matchups imho, i.e. vs an SA2 yang, SA3 Alex etc. I find hard to play denjin vs Oro and Yun the most.
Or else just play denjin in a smart way and don’t just focus on stunning them with a single corner setup, u know when they’re close-but-not-dizzy they’re gonna make some random shit to get out of your pressure, just keep your flow and spacing and don’t overdo it.

Plus if u know how to deal with an SA3 Alex there are just a couple of setup for the Stungun u need to be aware of:

  • random elbowxxSA3, neutralize with jabs or srk
  • lpSA3 to catch you during a jumpin, can be annoying.
  • SA3 over your fireballs, but u’re not supposed to throw hadokens when alex has stungun ready
  • random wakeup SA3, u will smell this lol.
  • wakeup SA3 to neutralize your denjin attempt, watch out for this one.

It’s gonna be an easy fight [i still prefer shinkuu over denjin vs the stungun], Ryu can do pretty well against alex imho.

you shouldnt count on the denijin doing more than 50%. Anything over 50% takes too long to charge and allows the opp to try something. The other 50% should come from ryu doing stun moves. I like to build the meter pretty fast because theyll never know when ill use it. It opens all kinds of attack scenarios that i can turn into big combos. Then I use the denijin to stun. Sometimes its good to hold onto it a little longer because you can fuck with the opps head. Id make sure that ryu starts off every round by getting the first few hits. This gives you a little lee way for a parry combo. If you mess it up, your still up on life.

but like the other guy said learn sa1. Some characters can avoid it really easily. If those characters use their super or specials to counter your super, the denijin just became useless. Trust me, those characters WILL hold onto their super and just play normals till you do use it. Thats why sa1 is a must to learn. It really sucks when yang rolls under the denijin and hits you for free.

Interesting stuff, only comment is that you can definitely hit with a full Denjin now and then with the s.MK xx DP trap at least, if they eat it. There are a couple more cases I can’t think of, but sure you can land a full Denjin. After a corner throw you can get more than 50% too.

those scenarios dont really happen often enough to count on but you shoudl take FULL advantage of them when they do happen. Besides when they get in the corner, they know whats coming. Playing mid screen denijin is much more effective IMO. Theres setups for this but they take to much time to explain because of all the scenarios. Get the opp around 50% stun and use this tactic. The general idea I like to use is to put them in a scenario where I can throw a hadoken denijin cancel and the only option they have is to parry. Once you established that scenario, you can fuck with the hadoken speeds to throw off parry timing on the denijin. They have to worry about which speed the hadoken is and when your going to throw the denijin. Most people never get the timing right because theres so many ways to throw it once you get that particular scenario I mentioned.

If you want to be extra sneaky get them around 40-50% again. Get them in the same scenario but when you throw the denijin, make it so that parry timing speeds up. If they expect the sped up timing one do a slower one. Theyll more than likely eat the denijin but they wont be stunned. probably around 60-80% stun depending on how fast you can charge. Of course the higher the stun the better. Dont rush them because theyll expect that. Play footsie and make sure you get pokes and throws. When you poke the stun doesnt go down. It’ll stay where its at and your pokes will add a little. When your not on them their stun goes down but the poking usually keeps it where its at or add a little depending on the poke. If they want to block, throw them and a few times to build meter. Throwing adds stun too. When your doing all of this the opponents stun hasnt gone down much 10-15% maybe but your building meter. When you do get meter put them in the MUST PARRY scenario, fuck the denijin timing up, the opp gets stunned and land a big combo. Play smart and finish off the round. This scenario really depends on how much stun they lost. I wouldnt try the 2nd denijin if there stun is less than 60%.

Youll get a double denijin setup. The opponent wont see it coming and wont realize that you had it plan from the beginning of the round.

The down side to this is that the after the first denijin they could go on the offensive and by the time you get another meter this trick wont work. Their stun has gone down to 0 or enough so that you cant do the 2nd one for a stun. Also on the 2nd denijin setup, theyll be ready to parry because they know theyll be in stun. So really fuck with their head on the 2nd one. The denijin is one big fucking mind game. This only applies to characters that cant get around it easily.

i dont particularly like to get a full stun off a denjin super. dont get me wrong ill take it, but i rather leave dem with 90 % stun den full stun. Becuase the less hits you take the more damage the combo.

example 1

you throw opponent in corner and start super. you get full stun and oponent eats it. you jump (add combo of your choice which is usually 3 hits) make the grand total combo of 8 hits.

Example two. you thrown oponent in corner wait a bit, throw fireball into super. See if fireball is blocked or hit, or parried. If blocked throw ur super and the have to red parry(usually hits), if they parry fuck up the time, if hit throw and they get hit. This will leave them really close to stun.

Usually needing only on more hit , throw , or foward medium punch to get stun.
If done right ,

You hit once, and den do the 3 hit combo, which will make the combo 4 hits and do more damage. The only problem with this is dat usually opponent can quickly recover from the stun if your not quick in your feet.

I like stuning from middle screen by crossing up, and if parried continue with caution of course because you may get hit. but if they block i like to do standing medium punch. DO NOT do fierce punch cause dat pushes dem farther back and gives dem enough time to react. After the medium puch cancell to super. There so close its hard to react and usually will eat the super. and leave dem close to stun. Which i like.

some people perfer to get the gaurantee stun. but not me. By doing this i believe i get more damage, and it forces me to be the agressor which will add more knockdowns or i can get patient, either way.

It sets up for my opponent to not make a mistake or there toast.

Yeah I sometimes do that too. 90% Stun, j.Hp–Stun. c.Hp. SRK- Still stunned then 3 hit combo… I don’t know if I do more damage or not but it looks like it.

The only problem is when playing against smart ppl they quickly play a distance and defence game when they see there stun go up that high. Well against me anyway, since I only do the j.HP combo. I got to learn some standing 3 hit combos.

well dats the point exactly, they get to defensive in the fear of getting stunned. You could get extra damage you wouldnt get if they werent 90%. Like a throw or some pokes. and by doing pokes and throws. You get some extra damage. And they are still near stun… All of this becuase you didnt fully stunned them.

against smaller characther like ibuki who can go under ryu’s denjin. i like the especially do the ryu’s s. medium xxx super. But yea wen you get them stunned and they become defensive.

It puts you in control of the match. Dont worry about there meter decreasing its okay. But all you have to do is land a combo and there back to sqaure one. Again though dont let to much time, and get some extra hits cause there so worry about the stun. Frustrate them so much for being defensive, dat they make a mistake and den stunn dem for a good combo and damage.

must have really bad set-ups if you cant stun some people…two hits of denjin do about half stun…so anything past three hits is just over kill…if you really want to go for a stun i would reccommend using jordan instead of hurricanekick you take a damage drop but you get a major stun damage boost…or while they are parrying denjin do a low MK into LK jordan…and you shouldnt have any trouble using denjin against any character…espcially yun because you can SRK-Denjin or far MP-hadouken-denjin…if you cant stun a character then work on better set-ups denjin is a rediculous SA its my most feared because of nasty release time ( to screw up parries) and the fact that if i am out playing you 90% of the round you can land one denjin combo and win the match

mk Joudan and hk Tatsu deals the same stun

no they dont i just tried it out


when you get stunned, the damage reduction from a combo is reset. Try this yourself, you’ll see that you do as much damage from a normal combo as you do post-stun. As such, it’s better to make sure they get stunned from the Denjin rather than leave them at 90% and try for another combo to get the full stun, Denjin’s recovery sucks like nothing else and is super punishable by almost every character imaginable. don’t believe me? just watch that chun eat your Denjin and then SA2 you in return.

I don’t about other characters, but against Q using Denjin is riskier than against most. Not only does Q’s SAI blow through most Denjin setups, but even if you do hit him, you have to hit him with a mostly-charged Denjin to stun him, meaning you have to wait quite a while and can’t hit him with an antiair Denjin if he decided to jump. If you don’t stun Q with Denjin and you’re within Q’s SAI range, which is about a quarter of a screen away, prepare to get big damage on ya.

Yeah…I wouldn’t use SA3 Ryu on Q. That shit is just asking to get punished at some point. Better off using a super that’ll allow you to zone him with some EX fireball stock (hint hint…the first super). Hugo takes a while to stun too and most any good Hugo player will use SA3 Hugo against Denjin. If you don’t time the denjin super meaty he can super through and punish. Again same thing here. Denjin will work if you set it up right but…don’t expect to stun Hugo in the majority of your matches and Hugo has more incentive to play offensively when you have no bar after a parried/supered through Denjin.