Denjin with minimal effort



Everybody from myself to anybody on Youtube inputs a million circle motions in order to speed up the Denjin fireball.

So my question is, what’s the minimum required inputs for maximum speed?

I’m god damned tired of the Denjin inputs.


5 rotations


I believe you can wiggle the stick back and forth and you don’t need to go all the way around.


You can but you’ll have to do more wiggling. It would have to equate to 5 rotations of directional inputs.


i just mash during the animation from down-right to up-left and back no matter which side i am on; works well.


I wish we could wiggle to increase the missile speed of Gohadoken :stuck_out_tongue:




Or 2 charge points one for strength 1 for speed, vice versa




denjin needs 2 points where we should do the wiggles…the first say we charge for power then speed, so 2 times the fun…example after we press all kkk for denjin we immediately start wiggles, then release kkk, start wiggling again for speed of # of hits


@NG1313‌ , these are one of those small things most people don’t care to explore.

If you air-to-air someone with and denjin, you probably don’t have to input any rotations at all.*

If you land ex palm and denjin asap, you don’t need to churn.

If you land a palm in the corner (or do the ex palm, hp fireball, lp palm), you don’t need to crank a thing.

People don’t test, people don’t experiment, thus they just keep doing whatever with the same excuse “just in case”.

*This is under the assumption you don’t do a that hits low off the ground.


after ex palm you can charge to level 2 if you wiggle…


yeah, the only time there’s a need for the speed boost is after EX Palm.

It gets tiresome to go through that damn routine every single time, though.

5 rotations doesn’t seem to be accurate, no. It looks like you need like 10 rotations for the max speed, and it looks like the speed in which you input them need to be quick as hell too.

But, it does look like you only need to rotate three times after EX Palm, which is good news… So one can start the Denjin, rotate thrice, and chill with the joystick and just hold the kick buttons for half a second (to allow the stun and damage outputs to charge).


@"Mic Witt"‌ I know that, but it’s more knowledge to have if you so happen to not feel like spending energy rotating the joystick. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t need the charge to land a win, I don’t bother charging lol

But anyway, I don’t think the rate of inputs determines the speed the Denjin travels at. I believe it was solely the amount of inputs you did.


It looks like you need 7 rotations for level 3 speed.

And it looks like you need 4 rotations for level 2 speed, according to my tests.

I will probably tweet Capcom and request them to fix this by lowering the rotations required to two for level 2 and three for level 3.

I will also request a low hitbox to the regular Tatsus, as it is mind boggling to leave them as they are while altering only EX.

These two things will kill the full enjoyment of the game for me, if they stay are they are.

I hope you guys are on board on tweeting this and confronting Capcom, because it’s some MIND BOGGLING BULLSHIT.


The funny thing is, all our tatsus probably would’ve got the same hitbox buff had we requested in the first place.


Well, I personally didn’t because I wanted Kongo to get buffed instead by not armor breaking and by doing more stun, like 400. Zangief’s jumping headbutt does 600.


Missing the final tatsu kick and double hit moves breaking kongo are both bullshit and obvious flaws that should be fixed.


dudleys counter beating kongoshin but not vice versa is bullshit


Hmmm, the game just feels less fun. I hate fighting so many of the characters in this game now, even though I’m winning a lot. I still hate ELF, CLAW, DUDLEY, BLANKA, DEEJAY, CAMMY, JURI, QUEEF GEIF, ONI (OMFG!!!), E.RYU (OMFG!!!), KEN ( OMFG!!!SRSLY?). Granted, the game overall feels…easier(?) for Gouken but still not great. The matches are so bogged down with lag and Im damed sure I have a good connection, at least I pay for one and Im hardwired. All of the added characters are fucking gimmicks, and what the fuck is going on with character hitboxes on rolento and elena. And why is kongo whiffing after activating on rolento. I block Poisons facefuck move and because I blocked correctly, I get to be at negative frames? Decrapio. WTF? Was she just a troll edition character? This character is so goddamned frustrating to fight that she doesn’t count. If someone picks her, I laugh at them. There’s so much wrong with this game that has NOT been fixed but instead they added more assness. I play this game now just to mash extatsu, just because it’s fucking payback time. Other than that, matches feel corny. I’m thoroughly disappointed.