Denton/Lewisville SF4 arcades?

Are there any arcades around here that have SF4? I tried searching around but its a pain on this PS3.

i go to unt, so i spend so much time in denton.
there are some arcades but nothing with sf4.
the brunswick bowling zone has tekken 5, soul calibur, and cvs1 (but the buttons are broken).
the mall in denton has alsmot the same, but mvc2 with a messed up screen.
i got a ps3 and am looking for people to spar against here in denton.

Fight Club and House of Goons are the closest things to an arcade. Lots of ppl playing everytime either one hosts. I wish we had an arcade but alas…no dice.

Check the first page of the DTX thread for more info

If I ever start hosting at my house in Corinth, I’ll let you know. Don’t know how it’ll go over with the roommates though, they’re not really into vidja games.