[Denton, TX] 4/17 - UNT Campus - "Smash and Fight: Round 1"

Looking forward to coming to this tourney! UFO wasn’t viable for me so I’m pretty excited to come up to Denton. PS3 user here as well, thanks for providing ps3/tv dark geese!

GG’s to everyone at the tourney, and mad props to funkpanda for running a great event.

ggs to everyone that attended.

Yeah agreed good games to everyone that attended I had a lot of fun!

Too much SF4 though LOL. Next time KOF PLEASE!!! (I found out there were some KOF players there!)

Here are the matches/casuals from my laptop recorded from yesterday, sorry Josh I thought I pressed record for our match but it didnt record =(.

I can say this, that tournament was the first time I played SF4 on XBOX360. :rofl:

Funkpanda whats the name of the group on facebook? Universal Gamerz?

Also Jesus the Rufus-Zangief matchup IS NASTY!!! :looney:

The matches/casuals:

SF4 Top 5 I believe were:

1st- JW-Chun Li
2nd- Find My Farms-Balrog
3rd- Pervert Q- Zangief
5th- Dark Geese- Rufus
5th- Falcon- Blanka?

GG’s guys! Thanks for coming out and helping us have a good tournament!
Hope you all enjoyed it and come to our next one and recommend your friends to come to our next one!

Don’t know when next will happen, maybe 2.5-3 weeks

As for the KOF thing, we will DEFINITLY be running KOFXII tourny’s in the future. But I just don’t know how big we can get any of the other ones. I have no connection with the SNK community in Dallas, so we’d need you or someone else to help with finiding copies of the games and the consoles to play em on. TV’s wont be a problem really.

and yea we’re called universal gamerz
You can find us on facebook by searching Universal Gamerz @ UNT
or out website, universalgamerz.com

There practically is no SNK Community in Dallas if there is it’s really small. I can get copies of the SNK games don’t worry, I can also get the consoles… if there’s connections to the SNK community don’t worry I can get them/got them.

Also KOFXII on PS3 please lol.